Round Up (Week 14.5)

SSS Tips
Ever so close to a full house. If Stoke had stayed 0-0 with Charlton for those last 10 minutes it would have been half win/half void and made it an excellent midweek. Still didn't do badly as Chelsea and Reading shared 19 corners landing that bet easily. Sunderland were comfortable 2-0 winners against Birmingham and Rochdale were more than comfortable thrashing Chester 4-0. Charlton scored late beating Stoke 1-0 but overall we made +2.11 points which is very healthy.

Bets 77 Wins 34(plus 5 void and 2 void/loss), Points staked 77 Profit +8.62


Everything is in for the weekend. Seems like it's non-stop betting when there's a big midweek program. Scotland and France have the cup this weekend but there's still a fair amount of games in the lower Scottish leagues and Germany is back. Will give the German league a wide berth for a while to allow them to settle down again.

31 Jan, 08 | Posted in: Roundups | Comments Closed