Recent corner betting

Inspired by the corner console  I have taken to putting a some corner bets up on twitter. I need somewhere to go back over them and make sure they have been doing ok and this place looks as good as any.

27/11 I’m betting on Reading to have under 5.5 corners @ Villa tonight – Won as got just 3

28/11 Stoke -1.5 corner handicap and same line for Swansea look value and man united will need more than a brimfull of asha to beat the 4.5 line they have been set. West Ham +4.5 looks good – All won  Stoke v Newcastle was 7-2 in corners, Man U v West Ham was 5 apiece and Swansea outdid West Brom 5-2.

I did not record any prices on any of the above bets but all 3 were winners.

30/11 Spurs under 5.5 corners at 1.9 looks decent. Liverpool have a massive corner handicap to beat at -5. Southampton at 2.0 with a 5 corner headstart. yes please. – Spurs got just 1 corner but Liverpool did the handicap getting a 6 corner margin. Prices were recorded and a -0.1 loss on the bets.

3/12 Ignore Sevilla v RM or Bcn & they av. 8 corners in 4 games. Valladolid unlikely to get over 4. I’ll risk Sevilla -3 at 1.875 – Winner as Sevilla did them 9-1 on corners. +.875

7/12 Villa v Stoke corner quote looks high at 11.5. 1.95 under looks good. Combining AV (h) & Stoke (a) over 11.5 just 5/15 games. Should be 1.5. QPR should bt corner hcap ez tmrw. Wigan beat -1.5 handicap just 2 of 8 at home. Ignore QPR at either Manc club or Arse and they beat it 4/5. one for tmrw in la primera. Granada have a big +3.5 corner hcap. Beat this in 6/7 away matches inc vs RM. Just not v Bcn. – Villa and Stoke shared just 5 corners (win), QPR were hammered 11-4 on corners (lose) and Granada outcornered Malaga 7-3. I hadn’t quoted a QPR price or Granada which is a shame. I’ll take 1.75 on Granada as it would not have been lower so +0.7.

8/12 even at 1.7 with Bet365 I’ll take West Ham +1 on asian corner handicap- Lost as Liverpool did them 5-2 so -1

Overall a profit of 0.475 on the 7 bets. As I said the first 3 were winners but there were no prices so I am ignoring them. We’ll see how this runs for the next month or so but I’m digging round the corner markets a bit more now.


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