SBC promotion about Fink Tank ratings

I actually just wrote an interesting article for Betting School about ratings that will be published in their next magazine. This is something similar to the theme by SBC

If you are looking for a free, easy-to-follow football system that makes a consistent profit betting, then today I have some great news to share with you.

The guys at the Secret Betting Club have been in touch  as they are giving away their fantastic ‘Fink Tank’ Football System, which has made a profit of 73.3 pts in the past 2 seasons in the English Premier League.

At simple £15 bets, you would have made nearly £1100 profit for next to no work!

You can now download a full step-by-step guide on how to follow this easy to use system every week for free, courtesy of my friends at the Secret Betting Club.

Download Your Free Fink Tank System Here (Change to your affiliate link)

Results Over The Past 2 Seasons

The Secret Betting Club have followed the Fink Tank system on every Premier League game for the past 2 seasons. They tracked the fairest odds on offer (not taking any wildly stand-out prices or with obscure bookies) and over the past 2 seasons, it has made a £73.30 profit using £1 level stakes with a 10.86% Return on Investment.

At £10 stakes, this becomes a £730.30 profit and at £25 stakes a profit of £1,832.50. Not bad for a free system.


Download Your Free Fink Tank System Here (Change to your affiliate link)

Taken From Their Secret Betting System Guide

The ‘Fink Tank’ is just one example taken from their massive Secret Betting System Guide, which features a whole range of similar systems and strategies to follow including:

  • Their winning ‘on course for golf betting profits’ strategy
  • The football Ante post Betting Strategy that really works.
  • The easy way to profit from racing via their Horses To Follow system.
  • And much more besides


Download your own copy of the Secret Betting System Guide the instant you join the Secret Betting Club