Using proxies etc to get round betting restrictions.

Living or being in another country can make betting much more difficult. For example most UK bookmakers are blocked from Spain. There are a few that have taken the Spanish licence such as Bet365 who aren’t but the majority are.


How can you get around this? There are various ways but the first thing you will need is a betting account registered in England. Say for example you have a Bet Victor account in the UK but are in Spain and want to bet. You visit the site and you’ll see something like this.



How can you get round this? Below a few options are listed


1. You can just go with a service that provides you with an out of the box solution such as Identity Cloaker. With Identity Cloaker you install a program that allows you to choose one of their proxy servers before you browse the web. They have proxies in various places and you can set it up so that just one browser uses the proxy and others do not. They also have a firefox extension to make that easier.


2.  Set up your own proxy using a server. Identity Cloaker uses SSH tunneling to and if you have a server you can do this yourself. My personal experience with the provider Memset has been excellent and their basic miniserver starts at 5€ per month. Once you have you can then use this server with a proxy. There are various tutorials on the web to explain how to do this such as this.  The downside of this is that on windows you have to open up putty and make the SSH connection and then open your browser. I have firefox set up to use the a proxy server and use it only for this purpose.


3. Another way is to use a simple proxy provider such as My Private Proxy. These provide you with a proxy server which your traffic is then routed through. I was able to set this up on my mobile as the proxy for the wireless network and surf the web as if I was in the UK. The downside was it was not easy to switch between using the proxy and not. If I turned it off then it did not remember my details and then I had to enter in the username and password when I set it up again. Currently I am trying to set this up with Firefox on my mobile to hopefully have one browser that uses a proxy but attempts to do this have not been successful. I’ll post again when they are.



Hopefully this may be of some use as hiding your location can be useful as the betting websites are much more stricter than they used to be on geo tracking.


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