Champions League: Matchday 2

The story so far – 4 bets, 1 wins, 4pts staked, +0.13pts


Another round of matches and a few more flagged up based on past results.

Porto vs Chelsea – Chelea @ 3.41 with Pinnacle

Lyon v Valencia – Valencia @ 2.91 with Pinnacle

Man Utd v Wolfsburg – Man Utd @ 1.8 with 5Dimes

Juventus v Sevilla– Draw@ 3.62 with Pinnacle

Champions League: Matchday 1 – Roundup

juventus celebrate


Sneaked a profit with the draw in the Roma v Barca match but not worth sliding on the floor about. Looked like the City v Juventus game was also heading to a draw and that would have been very good.


Matchday 1 results

Manchester City v Juventus – Draw @ 3.7 with 5Dimes – LOST (1-2) -1

Sevilla v Borussia Monchengladbach – Monchengladbach +1 @ 1.9 with Dafabet – LOST (3-0) -1

As Roma v Barcelona – Draw @ 4.13 with 5Dimes  – WON (1-1) +3.13

Valencia v Zenit– Valencia@ 1.82 with 5Dimes  – LOST (2-3) -1

4 bets, 1 wins, 4pts staked, +0.13pts

XC = Cross Corners

This is a question that gets asked more than any other on the site. Often emails are received asking what this means.


XC is cross corners which is the home corners x away corners. It’s a statistic that is used in spread betting and also some normal bookmakers offer odds.


For example on 13th September Leicester beat Aston Villa 3-2 and in that match Leicester had 4 corners and Aston Villa had 5 so cross corners would have been 4 x 5 = 20.

On the same day Everton beat Chelsea 3-1 and in that match Everton had 7 corners and Chelsea had 14 so cross corners was an enormous 98! (7 x 14)

The day before on 12th September Arsenal beat Stoke 2-0 and had 13 corners to Stoke’s 1 so in that cam cross corners was 13 x 1 = 13.

Champions League: Matchday 1

For a good few years I have been betting on the Champions League based on historical results between countries.


2014-15 results

19 bets, 9 wins, 19pts staked, +7.85pts

2013-14 results

8 winners from 13 bets and a +7.12

All the results can be seen by filtering the blog posts by the champions league.


I’ll do it again this year and hope for some decent results. All bets are 1pt and the odds are taken from the best odds available on the main console at the time of writing.

Manchester City v Juventus – Draw @ 3.7 with 5Dimes

Sevilla v Borussia Monchengladbach – Monchengladbach +1 @ 1.9 with Dafabet

As Roma v Barcelona – Draw @ 4.13 with 5Dimes

Valencia v Zenit– Valencia@ 1.82 with 5Dimes