The Simple Weekend (Premier League Opening Day Stats)

Not been away long and transfer rumours still flying around but the Premier League is back. Often get the odd opening day shock, or so it seems at the time, and West Ham won at Arsenal (odds of 10.75) last season and Swansea won at Old Trafford (odds of 9.32) the season before to kick off Moyes reign. The odds for these are the average odds taken from The table below shows stats for the opening day.



Lots of away wins in the last few seasons and away wins by far and away the most profitable and even without the 2 big wins listed above the last 2 season would have been profitable without it. Could be that the bigger teams give their players longer breaks in those summers with big tournaments and they come back a bit rusty.

In the last 5 seasons backing the draw and the away team would have given 23.5 points profit, although a 6.9 point loss in 2012-13. Laying the home team could be the sensible option? All these are all to average prices so better odds can be achieved.

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) seems to show no pattern at all.

Good luck at the weekend.

2 Responses to “The Simple Weekend (Premier League Opening Day Stats)”

  1. Corner says:

    Hi! I really like cornerbets and so I came up with the idea to select the stats related to the players. This means that you keep records of how many corner a player gains or causes in a game. Hope for some great responses.

  2. admin says:

    WE have stats on how many corners a player concedes. Have you had any success with it? I always wondered if it was a good idea.