Over and Under Twitter Bets

With the Twitter Bets that we have been able to record prices from using www.football-data.co.uk there have been nearly 900 bets and the loss to the average price is 14.35 points. This does not seem to be very much and we have the feeling that to best prices we should be able to get into profit and as a result we will monitor this for the season.

This is only for the leagues where we can get prices for football-data.co.uk so is the following

Bel Jupiler, Eng Champ, Eng Conf ,Eng Lge 1, Eng Lge 2, Eng Prem, Fra Lig 1, Fra Lig 2,Fra Ligue 2, Ger Bund, Ger Bund 2, Grk Super, Ita Serie A, Ita Serie B, NL Eridvis, Por Super, Sco Champ, Sco Lge 1, Sco Lge 2, Scot Prem, Spa Primera, Spa Segunda, Tur Super

As there will be quite a lot of bets we will update at the end of each month. We started on Saturday as that was the first for this season as teams have now played enough games. Will be interesting to see if this can post a profit or not.