Round Up (Week 10)

SSS Tips
A similar story as to midweek with the Asian Handicap bets. 1 winner and 1 void, so the double was just a single on the winner. Make sense? Sunderland won 3-1 landing that handicap and a last minute Rochdale equaliser meant they came back from 2-0 down to void the handicap bet. Overall up +1.8

I have looked through the bets so far and it's not a big sample size but the Asian Handicap and Corner bets have been the most profitable so I will concentrate on these mainly.

Bets 48, Wins 21 (plus 2 void), Points staked 44.5, Profit +2.22

Spinner Rinse
Birmingham drew, Norwich drew, Rochdale drew and Shrewsbury lost. Hull play tomorrow but this ship has already been sunk.

Accumulators 11, Profit -11


Data will be updated on Monday morning.

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Week 10 Bets (29.12.07)

SSS Tips

Last one of the year so happy new year and hopefully some winners.

Sunderland v Bolton (eng prem sat 3pm)

Opposed Bolton at the weekend against Everton and will do so again here as the AH is 0. Sunderland have been getting some bad press lately but at home are pretty good and their 3 losses have come against Livepool, Man Utd and Blackburn. Taking a 0 handicap you have a void bet 3 times, a winner 3 times and a loser 3 times but for Bolton they would lose this bet 7 times and voided it only once.
++ Asian Handicap – Sunderland 0  @ 1.9 on Bet365 (1pt)

Macclesfield v Rochdale (eng lge 2 sat 3pm)

Rochdale lost their first away game of the season but none since. Macclesfield on the other hand have only won twice at home this season. The handicap is 0 and for this season Rochdale would win this 5/6 ( plus 4 void) and Macclesfield would lose this 4/6 with 5 voids.
++ Asian Handicap – Rochdale 0 @ 1.75 on Bet365/VC (1pt)

++ 1pt double on the above @ 3.32 on Bet365 (1pt)

3 points bet in total

Spinner Rinse

A last pop for the rinse this year with Brum to beat Fulham, Norwich to beat Wolves and Hull to beat Sheffield Wednesday (championship) and then Shrewsbury to beat Wycombe and Rochdale to win at Macclesfield in the English League 2.
Can be backed at 48.32 on Bet365

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Round Up (Week 9.5)

SSS Tips
Again it's late. Christmas, a failing laptop and a bag left behind can be blamed!

Kept it simple this time and returned a nice profit. Everton won 2-0 so won their handicap bet and a late equaliser by 10 man Walsall meant the second bet was voided. The double therefore became a single on Everton and gives a profit of +2.16 which once again returns us to profit. The Asian Handicap bets seem to be going well and I'll look for more later for this weekends games.

Bets 45, Wins 19 (plus one void), Points staked 41.5, Profit +0.40

Spinner Rinse
The rinse continues to be up against it and loses again this week.

Accumulators 10, Profit -10


The data will be up now for this weekends games and will put up more tips later.

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Week 9.5 bets (26.12.07)

SSS Tips

Will stick to the Asian Handicap (AH) bets for this festive period.

Everton v Bolton (eng prem wed 3pm)

Everton have been very strong at home with defeats only coming against Liverpool and Man Utd. They host Bolton who have lost 6 and drawn 2 away. The AH is -0.5, -1 for Everton and if we take the -0.5 you have a winner 5/8 and even -1 gives a winner 4/7 times.
++ Asian Handicap – Everton -0.5, -1  @ 2.08 on Bet365 (1pt)

Port Vale v Walsall (eng lge 1 wed 3pm)

These teams are off a 0 handicap and looking at that you have to fancy Wallsall. Thet haven't lost in 8 games away and would have won this handicap 4/6 and Port Vale only have 2 home wins this season and would have lost this bet 6/8.
++ Asian Handicap – Walsall 0 @ 1.88 on Ladbrokes (1pt)

++ 1pt double on the above @ 3.73 on Bet365

3 points bet in total

Spinner Rinse

4 aways and 1 home. Southampton at Colchester and Palace at Coventry in the Championship. Leeds to win at Hartlepool in League 1 and then the MK Dons to win against Notts County at home and Peterborough to win at Mansfield.
Can be backed at 66.92 on Bet365

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Monday Round Up (Week 9)

SSS Tips
Running very late this week so it's actually a Tuesday round up.

A bad weekend. Liverpool thrashed Pompey 4-1, Chelsea only won 1-0, Southampton lost to Preston, Dundee United got beat by Gretna and Aberdeen and Rangers drew. The Alloa game was abandoned due to fog with them 2-1 up so would have landed the over 2.5 bet for sure and the Elgin and Stranraer game was postponed. The only winner was on the AH with Bordeaux who beat Socheaux 1-0. -2.95 in all on the weekend.

Bets 42, Wins 17, Points staked 38.5, Profit -1.76

Spinner Rinse
No joy for the rinse again and his run continues to 9

Accumulators 9, Profit -9


Connection problems and some hardware failures have made things late this festive period but should be on top of things now. Apologies,

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Week 9 bets (22.12.07)

SSS Tips

Hope there's some Christmas cheer in this lot. Still liking the Asian handicaps and a few different bets this weekend too.

Liverpool v Portsmouth (eng prem sat 3pm)

Got two bets here. Portsmouth have won 6 in a row away and travel to Anfield where Liverpool have won only 3 of their 8 home games, although they have only lost 1. Even so I feel the odds on Pompey in the win market of 6/1 is big but taking the draw no bet option you can still get 9/2 and that looks the value. Additionally taking the Asian Handicap market you can get Portsmouth at +1. Away they would have lost this bet only 1/9 (1 void) and Liverpool at home would have won this bet just 3/8.
++ Asian Handicap – Portsmouth +1 @ 1.98 on Betfred/VCBet (1pt)
++ Portsmouth (Draw no bet) @ 5.5 on Bet365/VCBet/Skybet (1/2pt)

Blackburn v Chelsea (eng prem sun 4pm)

Blackburn have 4 of their last 6 games and Chelsea have won 4 of their last 6 with defeats away at Arsenal and Man Utd. In their 4 wins they have not conceeded goal and Blackburn have not managed to score in 3 of the last 4. On the correct score chart 0-2 has the highest peak and I think it's worth a small bet here
++ Correct Score – 0-2 @ 8/1 on Betfred (1/2pt)

Southampton v Preston (eng champ sat 3pm)

Got this bet from the AH console but not an AH bet. When I saw this game both the bars matched at the home +1 marker and it seems 4 of 5 Southampton home wins have come by the odd goal.They are favourites to win this weekend and preston have lost 8/11 away this season and 6 of these were by the odd goal.
++ Southampton to win by 1 goal @ 3.75 on Bet365 (1/2pt)

Dundee United v Gretna (scots prem sat 3pm)

Dundee United are a big favourite for this game bit I noticed that at home they have kept a clean sheet in 6/8 games. Looking at Gretna they have failed to score in 5/8 games. Sporting Bet (formerly Sporting Odds) offer 5/4 on Gretna not scoring and on those figures thats very good value.
++ Away team not to score @ 2.25 on Sporting Bet (1pt)

Aberdeen v Rangers (scots prem sun 3pm)

I kept coming back to this game as Aberdeen seem such good value. In the end I think I should take a half point risk on the HT/FT result. Looking at the pie charts Aberdeen have won at HT and FT 3/9 and Rangers have lost at HT and FT 2/6. Aberdeen have won 5/6 at home and face a Rangers side who have lost 2/4 away.
++ Aberdeen/Aberdeen HT/FT @ 11/1 on Skybet (1/2pt)

Alloa v Berwick (scots two sat 3pm)

Alloa began the season at home with a loss, followed by a draw and since then have won 6 straight. They host Berwick who have lost 7 of the 8 away games. Alloa quite rightly are a short odds favourite. If you look in the Asian handicap Market they can be backed at -1. The odds on the straight win are 1/2 so as long as they win this bet can't lose. Looking at the AH chart and ignoring the Home +1 bar as that's the handicap you have Alloa winning this 3/5 (and remember the 2 that lost were the first 2 games of the season) and Berwick would have lost this 4/5. I really like the look of this and will go 2 points
++ Asian Handicap – Alloa -1 @ 1.93 on Bet365 (2pts)

Socheaux v Bordeaux (france sat 7pm)

Sochaux are second from bottom in France and host third place Bordeaux. The odds are similar on both teams and so the AH is off scratch (essentially draw no bet). Neither team is in the best of form but Bordeaux's two recent away losses have come at Nancy and Caen, both of whom are in the top six. With the AH Bordeaux would have won this bet 3/5 (4 void) and Socheaux would have lost 5/6 (2 void). Bordeaux's 4 losses this season have all come against teams in the top 6 so they look to have the measure of teams like Socheaux.
++ Asian Handicap – Bordeaux 0 @ 2.05 Bet365 (1pt) (draw no bet available at evens in a few places)

A Scottish Double for this weekend on Over 2.5 goals

Alloa v Berwick (scots two sat 3pm)
Alloa 6/8 over 2.5 goals at home and Berwick 5/6 away. Best price is
Elgin v Stranraer (scots two sat 3pm)
Elgin at home are over in 6/7 games and Stranraer away are over in 6/8

++ Double – Over 2.5  @ 2.4 on Sporting Bet (1pt)  (not many prices available for this so could be beaten)

8 points bet in total

Spinner Rinse

Southampton to beat Preston (championship), Rochdale to beat Barnet (english league 2), Inter Milan to win the Milan derby, Toulose to beat Rennes (France) and Athletico Madrid and Espanyol to both score in their match in Spain.
Can be backed at 31.18 on Bet365

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Monday Round Up (Week 8)

SSS Tips
Doing the Monday round up on a Sunday night. Another small profit this weekend.

Man City beat Bolton 4-2 and Valenciennes won 3-0 (they seem very impressive) landing the first 2 AH bets but then Atalanta lost 3-1 at home which was a pain. The corner bet lost quite significantly with Villa having massive 13 corners to Sunderlands 5. Sunderland took the lead early on which may have changed the outcome but even so thats an impressive haul from Villa. The Scottish double was the bet to push us into profit as Celtic and Inverness shared 5 goals and East Fife won 2-0 and led 1-0 at HT. Feel we're moving in the right direction again am very pleased with the AH bets.

Bets 35, Wins 16, Points staked 33.5, Profit +1.19

Spinner Rinse
The bookies are still rubbing their hands with the rinse as Burley lost, Norwich drew and Atalanta lost but Barcelona won easily at Valencia and the big odds on Caen away paid off as they won 2-1.

Accumulators 8, Profit -8


Only one midweek game whch is in Scotland. All the data will be updated late Monday or Tuesday morning.

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Week 8 bets (15.12.07)

SSS Tips

More bets this weekend with Asian Handicaps, a corner bet and a double. This weekend there are a number of Asian Handicap bets that I found and have trimmed them down to my favourites

Man City v Bolton

Man City have won every games this season at home and that is really what this bet is. The handicap is -0.5 so if they win we win. Bolton have not won away this season and lost 5 and drawn 2. Taking Man City and Boltons results this would be a winner 13/15 times this season so the price of 1.9 looks generous.
++ Asian Handicap – Man City -0.5 @ 1.9 on Bet365/Ladbrokes (1pt)

Valenciennes v Auxerre

Valenciennes have come up through the divisions in France and currently lie 5th this season. The are unbeaten at home winning 6/8 and host Auxerre who have 1 away win to their name and have scored 3 goals in 8 away games this season. It's the same bet as above with Valenciennes -0.5 and so if they win we win. Auxerre won 1 and drew 2 of the last 3 games but 2 of them were against the bottom sides. Looking at both sides results this would be a winner 11/16 games.
++ Asian Handicap – Valenciennes -0.5 @ 2.1 on Bet365 (1pt) (Also @ 2.1 on Coral win market)

Atalanta v Palermo

Atalanta are unbeaten at home this season and have lost only twice in their last 8 matches, both times away from home by the odd goal, against Inter and Juventus. Palermo won their first 2 away games of the season and since then have lost 3 and drawn 2 and have let in 11 goals in their last 3 away games. Atalanta's last home game was the 5-1 drubbing of Napoli. On the even handicap this looks a banker and I'm prepared to risk a little more and go for the upper handicap as well.
++ Asian Handicap – Atalanta 0 @ 1.83 on Bet365 (1pt)
++ Asian Handicap – Atalanta -0.25 @ 2.09 on Bet365 (1pt)

The corner bet

Sunderland v Aston Villa

I like Sunderland on corners and they have been consistent. They have a very low corner handicap of -0.5, 1 and this season would have beaten that in 6/7 home games and if we include last season its 22/30 with another 3 as half win half void. I think Villa's average owes alot to the back end of last season when they had more corners than the home team in 5 of the last 7 matches. This season they would have lost this bet every game and even including last season (and the good run) would have only won 9/26 with another 1 as half lose half void. Paddy Power offer a big 5/4 on Sunderland -1 which does look value but to be safe I'll go with the Asian on offer at Bet365
++ Asian Handicap Corners – Sunderland -0.5, -1 @ 1.9 on Bet365 (1pt)

A Scottish Double for this weekend

Inverness CT v Celtic

Celtic let us down last weekend but were back to their old ways with the 4-0 home win midweek. Looking for goals in this one as its 6/8 over 2.5 for Inverness at home and 7/8 for Celtic. Best price is 1.67 @ Blue Sq

East Fife v Dumbarton

East Fife have won all 7 home games and lead at HT and FT in 5 of these. They play second from bottom Dumbarton who have lost 5 of 7 away (losing at HT and FT in 3 of the 7). Best price is 1.83 @ Paddy Power
The Paddy Power price is huge for East Fife and they offer the best odds on the double

++ Double – Over 2.5 ICT v Celtic, East Fife HT/FT (home/home) @ 2.96 on Paddy Power (1pt)

6 points bet in total

Spinner Rinse

Looking for a bumper Christmas with Burnley to beat Preston, Norwich to win at Colchester (both Championship), Caen to win at Rennes (France), Atalanta to beat Palermo (Italy) and Barca to win at Valencia in the big Spanish game on Saturday night.
Can be backed at 122/1 on Bet365

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Monday Round Up (Week 7)

SSS Tips
A profit no matter how small is welcome after the recent weeks. The corner bet was a winner as Boro had one more than Arsenal so didn't even need the handicap. The treble let us down as Man Utd won 4-1, Celtic slipped up and only drew 1-1 but Inter Milan were leading at HT. I think these bets are still worth following but maybe just a double each weekend. Leeds beat huddersfield 4-0 comfortably landing the handicap bet. Pleased with these new handicap bets.

Bets 29, Wins 13, Points staked 27.5, Profit +0.23

Spinner Rinse
The rinse is proving the accumulator is the bookies best friend at the moment. Preston and Villa both lost at home, Carlisle drew away but there were wins for Stuttgart and Udinese.

Accumulators 7, Profit -7


All the data has been updated. A few games in midweek so unlikely there will be any bets.

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Week 7 bets (08.12.07)

SSS Tips

Pretty much starting from scratch this week but looks a decent selection and some different style of bets.

Middleboro v Arsenal

A corner bet to start. As is pretty much always the case it's the big 4 team which has to beat the handicap. It's a small handicap for Arsenal of -0.5 or -1 but looking at last season and this they would have beaten this handicap exactly half the time, but looking at this season it's just 2 from 7 that they would have won. For Middlesboro at home you have 26 games last season and this and they would won or drew the corner match bet 18 of these matches and this season 6/7 times. Boro are averaging of 8 corners at home and Arsenal just over 5 away. For the first time in a while i'm dipping away from Bet365 as Betfred have a nice price on Middlesboro +1
++ Corners Handicap – Middlesborough + 1 @ 2.1 on BetFred (1pt)

Short Odds Accumulator

Man Utd v Derby
United have won 7 of 8 at home and 6 of the 7 wins have been to zero. Derby have lost 7 of 8 away and are yet to score. If we take United winning to zero 6/8 times the odds should be 1.33 but it's available at 1.44 on Bet365/Paddy Power/Betfred.
Celtic v St Mirren
Similar story here as Celtic have won 6/7 at home and are yet to concede a goal, and St Mirren have managed only 3 goals in 8 away games. The 6/7 record of Celtic winning to zero at home gives odds of 1.17 and even taking into account the fact St Mirren have only lost 4 times away the price of 1.62 at Paddy Power looks very friendly.
Inter Milan v Torino

Inter Milan have led at half time in all of the 7 home games they have played. They host a mid-table Torino side and should be able to keep this record up. Available at 1.67 at Paddy Power.
There are 3 bets above and the best prices are on Paddy Power so the selection is 3 doubles and 1 treble.
++ Inter Milan HT (4/6), Celtic win to 0 (8/13) and Man Utd win to 0 (4/9) – 3 x 1/2pt doubles & 1 x 1/2pt treble on Paddy Power (2pts)

Leeds v Huddersfield

Asian Handicap again for this. The handicap is Leeds +1. 5/9 Leed home games have been above this handicap (odds should be 1.8) and Huddersfield have won once in the last 7 games and have lost by more than one goal 6/9 away games (odds of 1.5).
++ Asian Handicap – Leeds + 1 @ 2.1 on Bet365/Ladbrokes (1pt)

4 points staked this weekend.

Spinner Rinse

Better late than never. Villa to beat Portsmouth, Preston to beat Blackpool, Carlisle to win at Northampton, Stuttgart to beat Wolfsburg and Udinese to beat Sampdoria. Available at 33.52 on Sporting Odds.

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