Punter Profits

I am a member of punter profits and over a number of years have been very active on their forum. It’s a great place to learn and test out ideas.

I got an email from them last week as they are just launching their new National Hunt Racing portfolio. This is how they describe it:

The Nh Portfolio has run for many years now. Over the next week we will be unveiling an additional
but similar styled portfolio approach. It has been christened the NH 500 Portfolio as it has averaged £500 a month to £100 level stakes at SP over ten years of researched history.

So a long term steady earner for a long long period of time. Strike rate is comfortable at about 30%

As per the original NH portfolio we will not be giving away the rules. More so a case of emailing qualifiers daily to clients here. 

In terms of the racing side of things they have a free trainer report produced by a friend of mine called Dave Renham, who puts in the hard work to find useful angles. There is a free copy of that anyone can download on http://www.punterprofits.com?id=280&land=horse-racing/free_national_hunt_trainer_report.php

This is not just a racing site and there is a football section as well with some decent contributors.

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