Goran’s Winners keeps winning

About 6 months ago I started working with Goran on the Goranwinners.net website. Goran has a well established tipping service and needed someone to help him on the admin side and build a program to allow him to present live betting advice to his members.

I was unsure of what to expect from working with Goran but I have been incredibly impressed with him. He works hard, has some excellent contacts and reads the game very well. In the live betting he really excels and the results speak for themselves.

He started the live betting service 2 years ago on 16th October 2010 and since then has the following results

Bets = 446

Stake = 576

Profit = 101.74

ROI = 17.7%

He has been remarkably consistent over that time with the longest run of losers (lose) before a win was just 5. In the same period he managed a winning run of 7 consecutive wins (void bets with returned stakes ignored) before a loser. Not many services can boast a longer winning run that losing.

With such small losing runs you would not need a big bank to follow this service which is a big bonus.  The average stake over that period was 1.29pts so this is an easy to follow service.

This season he has hit the ground running with 22 bets staking 26 points and returning 7.89 points profit.  There have been just 5 losers and 2 drawn (stakes returned bets), 1 bet a win/draw split return and all the others straight winners.

The website displays all the results here and you can see for yourself.

I know you enjoy betting on football as you use the site and this service is second to none.  If you need further testing then the results are all proofed to the Secret Betting Club and if you have any questions about the service then email me on admin@goranswinners.net.

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