Corner Console

Over the last few weeks I have started work on a console just for corners. Not only is it just for corners but it is HTML rather than flash and so is compatible with mobiles, tablets etc.

It can be seen on

It is currently in a rough form but I wanted to get it out as it is done and see if anyone wants to test it and see how it works.  At the moment it only works for the English Premier League, Championship and League One as that is all I have added the stats for. Only the Premier League teams have their colours assigned as well.

I’ll explain what there is.

  • Top section is the 2 combo boxes to choose the league and then matches. When you change the league the whole page will refresh.
  • The top chart shows the totals for each team throughout the season. You can click on the legend to change what lines you want to see. For example you could see the total corners for each match the home team has played in. You could look at the corners just the home team has managed in each of their matches or look at the supremacy. For the supremacy the away team supremacy is in reverse. By that I mean a supremacy of 5 for the home team means that outcornered the away team by 5. A supremacy of 5 for the away team means they were outcornered by 5. This should mean you can see better where supremacy lines match up.
  • The next sections shows the averages and highs for each team and also for the league
  • The next section shows how the supremacy and total corner lines look. I have used Asian lines for both of these and then just summarised the past matches. You can scroll through the lists and see how each team would have fared using the different lines. It shows the home team, the away team and then the two combined.

Enhancements still to add

  • Better colours
  • Quicker connection to the database and data presentation. This will make a big difference.
  • Ability to exclude matches from the analysis (e.g remove matches against the top 3 teams) so you can see more likely results.
  • Many more leagues
  • Ability to view non Asian lines
  • Allow last seasons data to be shown as well.

Any comments from anyone would be appreciated. Either here, on facebook, on twitter (@simplesocstats) or good old email.

2 Responses to “Corner Console”

  1. Lins Samaraweera says:

    Hi Leon,
    I’ve given the new Corners test page a try (after seeing your Facebook status update) and I think it’s great! As well as working fine when I tried it using Firefox (on Windows) and Chrome (on Ubuntu Linux), it also works very well on my phone (IE on a Nokia Lumia 900).

    So, some feedback:
    – I agree with your planned improvement of removing some matches (e.g. vs. top 3 teams) from the analysis.
    – A bit more obscure, but would be interesting if you could look up what the weather was like when each match was played and include that info(!)
    When betting on corners, as well as factoring in team formations and styles, I also try to include a weather/pitch conditions ‘factor’.
    – After selecting the required league, then in the 2nd pick-list as well as selecting from the list of forthcoming matches, I think it’d be useful to have a summary option, e.g. a league table of corners, probably ordered in descending order of average no. of corners per match but also included other useful columns, e.g. average no. per team, average no. of corners conceded, and also maybe the current league position too, just to see how that compares?

    Anyway, this is a great site/tool! – Thanks! Keep up the great work!

  2. admin says:

    Excellent. Thanks for the feedback. I think there is a lot I can do with this console and I’ll look at your ideas. The weather could be tricky but I would like to add in stuff like the average corners per minute when losing etc to help with all this but that would take a lot more work.

    The league table is a good idea.