Ideas section

I have joined twitter and it’s great. If you bet I would say it’s a must and the information on there and ideas is staggering.

Anyway there is a guy called @JonnyGrossmark and he kept going on about full time scores based on the half time score. He had some great facts and it really got me thinking. I also have had some idea about an in-play console and this is the first step towards that.

That’s the page I have put together. You choose the league, you can then choose an individual season or just the last 7 prior to this as all and then enter the half time score. It then outputs the full time scores that have been realised when that was the half time score.

I like it. The next steps are

  • Allow you to select teams and see how an individual team performed with a certain HT score
  • Add in this season
  • Add in a list of the matches so you can see the result set in full and dig around a bit more.

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