Update of corner bets tweeted (08/05/2013)

I think that is probably it for the season after a -3.63 point loss at the weekend. A shame as a couple of games were very close. Swansea and Man City tied on 4 so if Swansea had managed one corner it would have been just a one point loss. More of a punch in the stomach was Napoli v Inter Milan where Inter edged the corners 6-5 but were stuck on 6 from the 58th minute. If we had just one more corner in that match then a massive 3 point profit would have been taken.

A few of the short priced selections I looked at lost as well which makes me think the unpredictability is much bigger now.

Profit +16.19 – Bets 42 (15 wins)

Date TweetedTweetLeagueResultP/L
03/05/2013Serie A: 1st corner –Napoli lost in 9/17 (h) and Inter won 10/17 (a). Inter should be fav so 2.37 decent.Serie AWon+1.37
03/05/2013Serie A: 1st corner – Torino best in league away winning 1st corner In 11/17 matches. Worth a punt at 3.0 v AC.Serie ALost-1
03/05/2013Serie A: Race to 7 – Inter (a) won 5/17 and Napoli (h) lost 5/17 so 3.4 sounds right. Longshot but 7.0 good value on Inter.Serie ALost-1
03/05/2013Prem: Race to 5 – Swans as good as anyone at race to 5 winning 14/17 (h). City good but lost 6/17 and 2.62 looks fair price.PremierLost-1
03/05/2013La Primera: Race to 5 – Malaga again at a big price. Mal (a) won 6/16 and Granada (h) lost 5/16. Over 3.2 is value so 5.5 appeals.La PrimeraLost-1
03/05/2013Bund: 1st corner – Hannover (h) lost 10/15 and Mainz (a) won 1st corner in 9/15. Mainz should be fav so 2.1 is good.BundesligaLost-1
26/04/2013Serie A: Chievo won first corner in 10/16 (h) and Genoa lost in 12/16 (a) so 1.72 looks big based on those percentages.Serie ALost-1
26/04/2013Serie A: Samp value in every corner market v Fiorentina. Race to 5 best as won 12/16 (h) and Viola lost in 7/16 (a). 2.5 very generous.Serie ALost-1
26/04/2013Serie A: Race to 3 on Pescara. Won 8/16 (h) and Napoli lost 8/16 (a) so evens fair and 3.0 attractive.Serie ALost-1
26/04/2013Prem: Arsenal (h) lost first corner in 9/17 (h) and Man Utd 2nd best in league winning 12/17 (a) so 2.2 on United good value.PremierLost-1
26/04/2013Prem: Worth chancing Newc on RaceTo7. W9 D8 (h) & =6 in Prem. Liverp L 5/17 so 3.4 is right 4 them but Newc record swings it in their favourPremierLost-1
26/04/2013Spain: Sociedad (h) lost first corner market in 10/16 and Val (a) won 9/15. Based on that 1.67 would be fair so 2.0 Val 1st worth taking.La PrimeraWon+1
26/04/2013Spain: Crazy Bilbao have won Race to 7 in 14/16 (h). That’s mental and 4.0 has to be taken even if they are playing Barca.La PrimeraLost-1
26/04/2013Germany: Same game the first corner market. Leverkusen lost 8/15 (h) and Bremen won 10/15 (a). 2.37 looks big for Bremen.BundesligaWon+1.37
26/04/2013Germany: RaceTo3. Leverkusen (h) & Bremen (a) have = records of W11 L4 so 1.36 for Lever & 3.0 for Bremen looks wrong. Evens would be rightBundesligaWon+2
22/04/2013Spain Race to 5: Celta Vigo have lost this in 7/15 (h) + Zaragoza have won in 6/16 (a). 6/16 is equivalent to odds of 2.67 so 3 looks value.La PrimeraWon+2
19/04/2013Italy first corner: Inter did this in 11/16 (h) and Parma conceded in 12/16 (a). 1.72 looks very big. 1.45 would be about right.Serie AWon+0.72
19/04/2013Prem Race to 5: Swans on Rto7 value also. 5 is lower price but landed in 13/16 (h) and Southampton lost in 10/16 (a). Edge for sure at 1.66PremierWon0.66+
19/04/2013Spain Race to 7: Big + speculative but Malaga won Rto to 7 in 4/15 (a) + Val lost in 5/16 (h). 3.75 about right so 6.5 is very generous.La PrimeraWon+5.5
19/04/2013Germany 1st corner: Dortmund surprisingly conceded 1st in 9/14 matches + Mainz had 1st in 9/14 away. 2.62 very big on Mainz 1st corner.BundesligaLost-1
19/04/2013Germany Race to 5: Stuttgart lost 6/14 (h) and Freiburg won 8/14 (a). Evens would look right on Freiburg and 2.5 well worth taking.BundesligaWon+1.5
19/04/2013Germany Race to 3: Leverkusen won 10/14 Rto3 (h) but Hoffenheim are decent away winning 8/14. Likely Lever will win but 3.5 too big for HoffBundesligaLost+1
15/04/2013Another corner tweet. Lazio 1st corner in 13/16 (h), only Roma better. Juventus 1st corner 8/15 (a). Juve as favs is wrong. Take Lazio 2.0Serie AWon+1
12/04/2013Spain: Race to 7. Amazingly Bilbao have won this in 13/15 home matches. Next best is 10/16. RM lost this in 5/15 away so 3.5 is too big.La PrimeraWon+2.5
12/04/2013Spain: Race to 5. Atl Mad have lost this in 5/15 home games. Odds should be 3.0 without Granada who are decent + won 7/15. 4.5 much too bigLa PrimeraLost-1
12/04/2013Bund: Stuttgart had had 1st corner in 11/13 home games. Bor Monch conceeded 1st corner in 9/14 away matches. 1.61 looks decent on this.BundesligaWon+.61
12/04/2013Prem: Reading won race to 5 in 10/16 at home and Liverpool lost it in 6/16 away. 4.33 looks way too big.PremierLost-1
05/04/2013It's a bit of a random market but Roma have had the first corner in 12/14 home matches. I'll have a small nibble on that at 1.72 (monday)Serie AWon+0.72
05/04/2013Short priced corner accu. Bund: Bayern Rto3 @ 1.4, Prem: Stoke Rto3 @ 1.53, Spain: Osasuna Rto5 @ 1.36 pays 2.92.VariousLost-1
05/04/2013Spain: Race to 7. Celta Vigo lost this in 5/14 (h). Rayo are kings of race to 7 in Spain. 7/14 wins (a) & 3.5 is massive.La PrimeraLost-1
05/04/2013Spain: Race to 5. Deportivo lost this in 7/14 at home and Zaragoza won in 6/15 away. Worst way price should be 2.5 and not the 3.1 on offerLa PrimeraLost-1
05/04/2013Prem: Race to 5 corners. Everton like a corner. Won Rto5 in 8/14 (a). Spurs lost in 4/15 (h). That + No Lennon/Bale makes 3.4 a big price.PremierWon+2.4
04/04/2013Bundesliga race to 5. Hamburg lost this in 6/14 homes. Freiburg won in 8/13 aways. Price should be 1.9 and not the 2.5 on offer for FreiburgBundesligaLost-1
29/03/2013 In Serie A Inter are kings of race to 7 (Samp =) winning 8/14. Yes they host Juve who are tight on corners but 4.33? Big.Serie AWon+3.33
29/03/2013Race to 3. Villa won this in 8/15 at home. Liverpool won in 7/8 away. Why then are Liv priced 1.36? AV at 3.0 looks very big.PremierLost-1
29/03/2013At Mad won race to 5 in 10/14 at home so 1.4 spot on. However, Val 1 of 6 teams who won over 50% race to 5 away. 3.4 a bit of valueLa PrimeraWon+2.4
29/03/2013Race to 3 corners in Spain. Malaga should not be 3.4 at Rayo. Rayo 7/14 @ home. Malaga won 5/13 when away but that’s a price of 2.6.La PrimeraWon+2.4
15/03/2013Stoke race to 3 corners is 1.72. They won that race 10/14 matches at home and baggies won it just 2/12 away. price should be 1.3ishPremierWon+0.72
15/03/2013Rayon won race to 5 corners at both Madrid clubs. Can they do it at Camp Nou? 6.0 are the odds and looks high.La PrimeraWon+5.0
07/03/2013Spurs have won the race to 7 corners in 9 of their 14 home matches. That equates to odds around 1.56. If they do that tonight 1.8 looks goodEuropa LeagueLost-1
02/03/2013of my hours of corner research Wigan to have the first corner v Liverpool at 2.1 is the best value bet. Should be more like 1.7PremierLost-1
01/03/2013Race to 5. Swansea won in 11/13 homes. Newcastle won in just 1/13 away, drawn (no winner) 5 times. should be 1.44 based on that, not 1.66.PremierWon+0.66
Table listing the bets tweeted
Profit +16.19
Bets 42 (15 wins)