Corner Bets 31.01.2014

I think there are enough corner stats now that I will make some corner bets for the next few months and record them here. I use the corner console and also the team stats page.

All bets are 1pt unless I mention otherwise and I just use the Bet365 odds.

Serie A

Cagliari v Fiorentina
Team Corners – Cagliari Over 5.5 @ 2.1
Cagliari average 5.7 corners at home so the line looks right, except they are playing Fiorentina and their opponents average 6.5 corners. Cagliari have gone over the 5.5 line in 5/11 home matches which again looks spot on with the odds on offer but they have got 4 corners in their last 4 matches and they were against Juve, AC and Napoli who are in the top 5 in terms of corners conceeded. On basic stats the price looks right but digging down all the value is with Cagliari (1pt).

Juventus v Inter
Team Corners – Inter Over 3.5 @ 1.66
Juve have played 10 home games and each opponent has got at least 2 corners and the average is 4.2 with 6/10 teams getting 4 or more corners, which is equivalent to 1.67. Inter Milan average the most corners away from home in the entire league at 5.9 and have got at least 4 in 8/10 away matches. The price isn’t big but it looks to be value (1pt).


Hannover v Borussia Monchengladbach
Team Corners – Hannover Over 5.5 @ 2.1
Only Bayern Munich get more corners at home than Hannover and they have beaten the 5.5 line in 7/9 home matches. Monchengladbach do not allow many corners away from home and are 3rd tightest but they have allowed their opponents to get over the 5.5 line in 8 away games. A couple of the teams who have not managed to beat it are Hoffenheim and Mainz and they are the 2 of the 3 worst teams in the league at getting corners at home. 2.1 looks generous (1pt).


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Over 2.5 goals by month chart

My job is working with data and working with charts and I find it slightly frustrating that I can’t use Highcharts easily within wordpress. I had ideas for posts that never got off the ground because I wanted to show them in chart form on the blog and it seemed too much work.

Anyway I realised I can just host the charts on a normal page and then just link the from the blog. Amazing!

So to follow up from my article about months I wanted to show some of the patterns that happen by month by league. The first thing I want to look at is how the number of games that go over 2.5 goals changes throughout the season.  The full chart can be seen here and you can add or remove leagues by clicking on the legend. I started with just 4 leagues as it makes it just about readable, but you can play around with the leagues and add and remove them.

Link to chart