Corner Bets 29.03.2014

Fulham v Everton
Race to 3 – Fulham @ 2.5 with Bet365 (1 point)
Going against Everton again here as I did in midweek. Fulham have won this in 10/15 at home and Everton have lost it in 9/15 away so you’d expect Fulham to be the favourites really but they are not. They are out at 2.5 with Everton 1.5 to win it. I can’t see it really.

Stuttgart v Dortmund
Race to 5 – Stuttgart @ 3.5 with Bet365 (1 point)
Exactly the same records for both teams, Stuttgart at home and Dortmund away, for this stat with 6 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses so again how can Stuttgart be 3.5 and Dortmund 1.72. The price seems to be based on the match price rather than the stats.

AC Milan v Cheivo
Race to 7 – Chievo @ 10 with Bet365 (1 point)
AC Milan are really struggling this year and need a win and hopefully get an early goal or two to get Chievo out searching for corners. Chievo have won the race to 7 match in 5/15 away games including at Fioretina and Lazio and Milan have lost it 4/14 home games including against Udinese, Atalanta and Verona. 10.0 makes no sense as a price in this market and is just plain wrong. My big debate is on the staking here and I am going to go 1 point rather than the half, as I normally do on bigger price bets, as the edge is massive.

Sunderland v West Ham
First Corner – West Ham @ 2.1 with PP/Bwin or 2.05 with VC or 2 With Bet365/Sky/WH (1 point)
I’ll settle the price on this at evens and I can’t go into the stats too much as I don’t have them on the site and that is where I need them to break them down. All I have is precentages but on past games West Ham should be around 1.5 on this and Sunderland around 3.25.

Corner Bets 24.03.2014 RESULTS

Newcastle v Everton: Race to 3 Corners – Newcastle @ 1.83 (1pt) with Bet365 LOST -1

Roma v Torino: First Corner Torino @ 2.75 (1pt) with Paddy Power LOST -1

Inter v Udinese: Race to 3 – Udinese @ 3 (1pt) with Bet365 WON +2

No change at all in the totals as all even

19 bets – 8 winners -3.87

Udinese were outcornered 11-3 by Inter but luckily they had 3 of the first 4 corners and won the race to 3. I mentioned Liverpool v Sunderland and Sunderland did get most half corners at 5.25. I did my max stake with Bwin for this one and they let me have a whopping £7.71 on it. For that reason I couldn’t include that kind of bet in there. The only way to bet with them is in multiples as then they allow a much bigger stake. Even if it is a double then you can stake more than the single. I had Newcastle as the second part of the double sadly.

Corner Bets 24.03.2014

I’ve had a couple of weekends off from this as I am working on the site and also collecting a lot of data which has made analysis much easier for possible selections. A lot of games in midweek so a few bets to be had.

Newcastle v Everton
Race to 3 Corners – Newcastle @ 1.83 (1pt) with Bet365
The records are the opposite for each team as Newcastle have won 9 and lost 5 and Everton have lost 9 and won 5. Removing matches against the top 4 Newcastle look decent in this.

Roma v Torino
First Corner Torino @ 2.75 (1pt) with Paddy Power
I was interested in this bet whe I saw Torino were 2.45 with Bwin. The price of 2.75 with PP is far too big on this. Both teams have played 14 home or away games and this market has been split right down the middle for both of them with a 7/7 split on 1st corner. Even if we think there is some advantage to Roma the price of 2.75 looks good.

Liverpool v Sunderland
Bwin are miles off with their quote of most corners in the first half for Sunderland at 5.25. Liverpool have actually been outcornered in the first half in 5/14 home matches. I’m not putting this up as Bwin are hard to bet with but I will be doing it with them with whatever paltry stake they alow.

Inter v Udinese
Race to 3 – Udinese @ 3 (1pt) with Bet365
Udinese have won this is 7/15 away matches and Inter have lost this race in 6/14. 3.o is too big a price no matter how you look at the data.

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Site update

At the moment lots of work is happening on a new layout for the site and cleaner data. There have been a lot of improvements of late and it now makes sense to make more and get everything more consistent.

This is the reason why there were no corner bets last weekend, but that is not much of a loss based on the current results. The new site will have Pinnacle odds for all the matches so you can see them as you view them and as Pinnacle now offer corner odds these will be included soon.

The idea is to have this finished by the end of the month and then it will be time to begin the World Cup preparations. If there is anything you would like to see in these improvements let us know.

Corner Bets 08.03.2014 Results

Mainz v Hertha Berlin: Race to 5 corners – Hertha @ 2.87 (1pt) -1

Espanyol v Elche: Race to 7 – Elche @ 6.5 (0.5pt) -0.5

Race to 7 Corners – Neither (Double 1.53 + 1.72 = 2.63) 1pt: Catanoa v Cagliari and Sampdoria v Livorno -1

Frustrating weekend as Hertha had their 4th corner in the 52nd minute but didn’t get another one and in the 80th minute Mainz won the race to 5.

16 bets – 7 winners -3.87