World cup first game winners

A request was made by someone on Twitter which teams had won their first games and how many points they got in the group. It was pretty tricky to write the queries to get this from the database but always up for a challenge and a push.

In the table below you can see every team that won their opening match and their final group stage points and the phase that they got knocked out in.


YearTeamFirst matchGroup pointsLast match
2010Argentinabt Nigeria 1-09Quarter-finals
2010Korea Republicbt Greece 2-04Round of 16
2010Sloveniabt Algeria 1-04Group matches
2010Germanybt Australia 4-06Third place
2010Ghanabt Serbia and Montenegro 1-04Quarter-finals
2010Netherlandsbt Denmark 2-09Final
2010Japanbt Cameroon 1-06Round of 16
2010Brazilbt Korea DPR 2-17Quarter-finals
2010Chilebt Honduras 1-06Round of 16
2010Switzerlandbt Spain 1-04Group matches
2006Germanybt Costa Rica 4-29Third place
2006Ecuadorbt Poland 2-06Round of 16
2006Englandbt Paraguay 1-07Quarter-finals
2006Argentinabt Ivory Coast 2-17Quarter-finals
2006Netherlandsbt Serbia and Montenegro 1-07Round of 16
2006Mexicobt Iran 3-14Round of 16
2006Portugalbt Angola 1-09Third place
2006Italybt Ghana 2-07Final
2006Czech Republicbt USA 3-03Group matches
2006Brazilbt Croatia 1-09Quarter-finals
2006Australiabt Japan 3-14Round of 16
2006Korea Republicbt Togo 2-14Group matches
2006Spainbt Ukraine 4-09Round of 16
2002Senegalbt France 1-05Quarter-finals
2002Denmarkbt Uruguay 2-17Round of 16
2002Spainbt Slovenia 3-19Quarter-finals
2002Brazilbt Turkey 2-19Final
2002Costa Ricabt China PR 2-04Group matches
2002Korea Republicbt Poland 2-07Third place
2002USAbt Portugal 3-24Quarter-finals
2002Germanybt Saudi Arabia 8-07Final
2002Argentinabt Nigeria 1-04Group matches
2002Mexicobt Croatia 1-07Round of 16
2002Italybt Ecuador 2-04Round of 16
2002Russiabt Tunisia 2-03Group matches
1998Brazilbt Scotland 2-16Final
1998Denmarkbt Saudi Arabia 1-04Quarter-finals
1998Francebt South Africa 3-09Final
1998Nigeriabt Spain 3-26Round of 16
1998Mexicobt Korea Republic 3-15Round of 16
1998Yugoslaviabt Iran 1-07Round of 16
1998Germanybt USA 2-07Quarter-finals
1998Romaniabt Colombia 1-07Round of 16
1998Englandbt Tunisia 2-06Round of 16
1998Croatiabt Jamaica 3-16Third place
1998Argentinabt Japan 1-09Quarter-finals