WC2014 day 2 – The morning after

So much will be said about the Spain result and one of the key things is this means a possible last 16 meeting with Brazil is quite likely. Netherlands were so much better in the second half and there looked a lack of spirit in the Spanish team. Someone once said Silva is a bit of an outsider in the team and he looks like an easy scapegoat from that first match.

There are some players past their best but Del Bosque has ignored players playing really well and just chosen his old favourites. Koke has been amazing this season and deserves a spot and I would think Javi Martinez could do with a run. Going with Villa and Torres was so negative as they have both have awful seasons and completely lost their goalscoring ability. Both are willing runners but their touch has deserted them and both relied on a long gone sharpness. There is quality in the team but the question is if Del Bosque is prepared to shake it up and bring it out. Xavi Hernandez cannot influence a game anymore. If he had changed his role and looked to become more like Pirlo I could see the sense in that but when you see him between the midfield and the forwards looking for the ball and not getting it you have to wonder what’s he doing there. Spain still have a very good team in their squad but the question is if Del Bosque will take the risk and try and find it.

Casillas was awful and this comes on the back of his error in the Champions League Final. One of his great strengths in the past was that he would make the odd error but it would be a complete one-off. Next game hos confidence will not have been dented and he’d be the same outstanding goalie. This looks more like a slump and the fact that Ancelotti also did not have him first choice indicates something is not quite right with him.

Yesterdays results

13.06.2014 – Cameroon v Mexico – DRAW @ 3.14 with Pinnacle LOST -1

0/1 :: -1

Todays bets

14.06.2014 – England v Italy – DRAW @ 3.14 with Pinnacle