WC2014 day 3 – The morning after

What a great World Cup so far. Uruguay v Costa Rica was pretty dull for 45 minutes but then lit up and the England v Italy game was excellent. Even with Luis Surez playing I really can’t see Uruguay causing problems for England or Italy and Costa Rica scored 3 goals but up to that point did not carry much of a threat. Refreshing to see England look so dangerous and very impressed with Sterling.

One tactic from Italy seemed to be to let Glen Johnson have the ball as much as possible. He was constantly in space and they made no effort to close him down quickly. Compare that to Baines who was never given any time on the ball and makes you wonder if that was planned. I remember Chelsea once winning at Old Trafford 1-0 with Vialli scoring the winner and their tactic was to force the ball to Paul Parker as they knew he was the weak link on the ball.

Glad Sturridge got off the mark and of my 3 mentions for top goalscorer him and RVP are off the mark and need Dzeko to do the same tonight.

Colombia looked good in their match but slightly flattered by the scoreline. Greece should have scored to make it 2-1 and Colombia seemed to benefit when the game became more stretched which will only happen if they lead. You have to wonder how they will play when they are behind as their defence did not look great. Not really convinced about the South America teams and they all qualified without Brazil which makes their qualifying records look better than they actually are. Uruguay required the playoffs to get through and they had such little creativity in midfield that have to wonder how Suarez will get chances. Chile have massive problem with height in their defence and Cahill easily exposed that and you would expect a better team than Australia to do the same.

Yesterdays results

14.06.2014 – England v Italy – DRAW @ 3.14 with Pinnacle LOST -1

0/2 :: -2

Todays bets

15.06.2014 – Switzerland v Ecuador – DRAW @ 3.26 with Pinnacle