WC2014 day 4 – The morning after

Two wins for Europe yesterday and a loss for Bosnia against Argentina. I couldn’t manage to stay up for the whole of that game and only saw the first half. The early goal changed the game and meant you don’t get a proper perspective of how Argentina will play but they did not look great. Bosnia seemed to do what they wanted in possession and the defence did not look solid. Also Messi is not quite right. He played less total games this season (46) than he has since 07-08 and also scored less total goals than he has since 08-09. That extra burst of pace that took him between players is not quite as amazing as it was. He’s still an amazing player but it’s just he was even more amazing a year ago. Players who have that explosive acceleration has suffer through injuries and losing it from their game makes them nothing like the player they were. Michael Owen is one of the best examples of that but also Torres is another who lost his turn of pace and is now just a plodder. Maybe Messi is worried about his hamstring but he lost the ball in the first half too many times for him.

I’m siding with the European teams in this world cup and not had much to make me change my mind. Interesting those comments that came out from Barcelona late last season about Tata Martinez’s coaching methods and how the players criticised them as being from the past. Not sure if the South American teams are as well prepared as the European teams or if the coaches are as good. If you think about the best coaches in this World Cup and looked for the top 3 you’d probably be choosing 3 from Europe.

The reaction to Spain’s loss to the Dutch seems a little extreme and the price of 1.75 is very big. Chile lost 6 times in 16 qualifying matches, wobbled against Australia and defensively are very suspect.

Where have the draws gone? Crazy not had any so far.

Yesterdays results

15.06.2014 – Switzerland v Ecuador – DRAW @ 3.26 with Pinnacle LOST -1

0/3 :: -3

Todays bets

16.06.2014 – Ghana v USA – DRAW @ 3.42 with Pinnacle