WC2014 day 8 – The morning after

Suarez. It had to be him and it was. He has a lot of faults and has done some terrible things in the past but he turned that Uruguay team from a useless bunch against Costa Rica into a team that you probably don’t want to be drawn against in the next phase. England seemed to surrender some of the initiative when they got back to 1-1 and could have tried to keep their rhythm up to keep Uruguay defending deep.

Colombia won again and people seem to be very impressed with them. From about 75 minutes they were defending very deep, inviting pressure and against a better team that will just not work. Be interesting to see how they get on in the knockouts.

Just 1 draw from the 3 yesterday and if Suarez hadn’t scored that late goal this would have been back in profit.

Yesterdays results

19.06.2014 – Colombia v Ivory Coast – DRAW @ 3.49 with Pinnacle LOST -1

19.06.2014 – England v Uruguay– DRAW @ 3.69 with Pinnacle LOST -1

19.06.2014 – Japan v Greece – DRAW @ 3.50 with Pinnacle WON +2.5

1/7 :: -3.5

Todays bets


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