WC2014 day 13 – The morning after

Another impressive win for Colombia but in every game they have scored early and then been able to attack on the counter where they are very very good.  However, surely that group is the most mediocre of the lot. Japan were very poor and just looked soft. Ivory Coast were a disappointment and not dynamic enough and fair play to Greece for getting through. Held on with 10 men v Japan and then deservedly beat the Ivory Coast, hitting the woodwork 3 times in the match and probably the more positive team.

Interesting the amount of late goals there have been in this tournament and how the team chasing the game has been punished. Uruguay really should have scored again against Italy at the end or at least created a better chance when they had a  break late on. Suarez made the wrong decision which you would not normally expect. Italy were down to 10 men but they seemed utterly out on their feet. In about the 88th minute they were attacking but their was no-one in a remotely attacking position. Is this all down to the heat?

I think teams are much much better on the counter attack now than in the past and this could be one of the reasons why there is a low draw count and why there have been so many late goals. I do expect the football to completely change in the knockout phase as games mean far more and their be no chance to recover.

Just one draw in 4 matches yesterday and missed it completely

Yesterdays results

24.06.2014 – Italyv Uruguay– DRAW @ 3.48 with Pinnacle LOST -1

24.06.2014 – Colombia v Japan– DRAW @ 3.87 with Pinnacle LOST -1

24.06.2014 – Greece v Ivory Coast – DRAW @ 3.64 with Pinnacle LOST -1

1/14 :: -10.5

Todays bets

25.06.2014 – Bosnia v Iran – DRAW @ 3.8 with Pinnacle