WC2014 day 15 – The morning after

A day off ….. and even found a draw!

Russia were eliminated and pretty disappointing but 2 horrendous goalkeeping errors cost them. South Korea should never have scored against them and again Akinfeev was at fault for the Algeria goal flapping for crosses. They let in just 3 goals and 2 were bad mistakes. It highlights how important a decent goalie is in this world cup.


Group A

The difference between Croatia and Mexico qualifying may well have been their respective goalkeepers performances in the match against Brazil. Not convinced by Julio Cesar and he left them down last WC.

Group B

Spain were the underperformers and one of the reasons for that was the awful form of Casillas. At fault for 2 of the Dutch goals and at least 1 of the Chile goals. I don’t know enough about the Dutch goalie but Claudio Bravo for Chile is a solid performer.

Group C

I don’t know enough about David Ospina for Colombia but the Ivory Coast and Japanese goalies were  poor. With a goalkeeper it’s not just about the saves it’s also about the confidence a good goalkeeper brings to the defence. If the ball is in the air and you know your goalkeeper is going to come to claim it then it makes defending an awful lot easier. If you are not sure if he will come and even if he does come if he will make it then it makes the whole thing a lot harder.

Group D

Joe Hart and Buffon are good goalkeepers who are going home and the Uruguay keeper was poor in the opener against Costa Rica. Costa Rica sit on the top of the group and that is in no small way down to Navas who has been excellent for Levante and surely is off to pastures new after this world cup after conceding just one goal.

Group E

Lloris is a good keeper and solid for France. Benaglio was a bit dodgy for Switzerland in the match against France and I can’t really comment on the Ecuador or Honduras goalies as I did not see enough of them. Dominguez did play well for Ecuador against France but most of the saves he made were close to him and more bad finishing by the French.

Group F

Nigeria are through and Enyeama is a quality keeper and voted one of the best in Ligue 1 last season. Who knows about Romero for Argentina but he has been beaten in 3 games and does not look to inspire a lot of confidence. Still beyond me why Willy Caballero is not their number 1. Bosnia have a decent goalie in Begovic but their problem was that they could not score past Enyeama and the linesman.

Group G

Germany and USA both with solid goalkeepers and filled the top 2 spots. Rui Patricio was to blame for the 4th goal against Germany and that goal was crucial as it made their task that much more difficult to get their goal difference back. What was the Ghana goalie doing for Ronaldo’s goal yesterday?

Group H

Belgium top the group with, in my opinion, the best goalie in the world and they are one of the three teams to let in just one goal with Mexico and Costa Rica. As mentioned above the Russian goalie possibly cost his team qualification.



Looks like a decent goalie has made a big difference and Uruguay, Argentina and Brazil have goalkeepers that may be their achilles heel. In goalkeeper matchups in second phase we would have:


Brazil v Chile – Chile wins

Colombia v Uruguay – Colombia wins

France v Nigeria – Draw

Germany v Algeria – Don’t know enough about M’Bohli.

Netherlands v Mexico – Again not sure on the Dutch goalie.

Costa Rica v Greece – I’m siding with Navas and Costa Rica

Argentina v Switzerland – Not convinced by Benaglio or Romero but will side with the Argies.

Belgium v USA – Courtois beats everyone so Belgium


Yesterdays results

26.06.2014 – Portugal v Ghana– DRAW @ 4.08 with Pinnacle LOST -1

26.06.2014 – Algeria v Russia – DRAW @ 3.64 with Pinnacle WON +2.64

2/17 :: -9.86

Todays bets


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