WC2014 day 26 – The morning after

Brazil are without Neymar and Thiago Silva and they are their two most important players. Last match Luis Gustavo was suspended but his loss was not an issue at all but this game is completely different. Maybe losing Neymar will mean the forwards take on more responsibility and step up but the problem has been the forwards have been poor so far. Hulk, Fred and Oscar have had plenty of playing time and have managed just 2 goals between them in 5 matches. David Luiz has scored as many goals as them. Thiago Silva is one of the best, or possibly the best, centre back in the world and a fantastic leader, organises the team and provides stability at the back. Replacing him with Dante is going to be very tough and they will look wobbly and nervous. Julio Cesar does not inspire that much confidence either and you could easily see them go a couple of goals behind due to dodgy errors.

The Germans have played well all tournament, aside from a period against Algeria and Ghana. They will punish any mistakes and probably have a fair amount of the ball. This Brazil team does not dominate possession as they have done in the past. A lot depends on the line-ups today as Big Phil probably needs to do some major re-thinking to get the best out of the team. Marcelo and Alves are both very good attackers and the team will need them more than ever. If they are stuck at the back defending one on one against one of the German wide players it is going to be a long day for them. Löw has had some excellent German teams and not done enough with them and again in this world cup seems to be changing his side too much. Bring in Klose against France did not work and if he goes with a more fluid forward line here I can see them winning quite easily.

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4/24 :: -10.4

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08.07.2014 – Brazil v Germany – DRAW @ 3.24 with Pinnacle