WC2014 Roundup

There was no round up after the World Cup and it feels so long ago now. The final figures were

5 winners from 26 bets for a loss of  -9.19pts.

There were no bets for the 3rd/4th place playoff and the final as was away from the office but there would have been a loser in the former and a winner in the latter which would have increased the wins by a point at least. After the group stages the results were

2/17 :: -9.86

so it was the group stage that caused all the damage. 4 years is a long time to wait to correct these mistakes but the backing the draw in the knockout phase with certain filters would have turned a small profit.



The Mini Console is back

Since the start of the season there have been a number of users asking about the mini console. Always a fan of this console myself it’s back for the sheer simplicity. At the moment it will just be for corners and yellow cards but the Asian Handicap one is already planned and sketched out so hopefully should be there soon. More metrics can be added if requested.

Visit it here.