Super Chinese League!

Apparently EA might not have the Chinese Super League in the next version of FIFA Football but we now have added stats for the Chinese Super League to our website which can be seen here. There are also corner stats, player stats and all the other usuals.

We only have data for this season but will look into historical data.

Any suggestions or questions then please get in touch via twitter, fb or email.

Has the fun stopped? Help needed to bring it back

On 30th July it will be 10 years since Simple Soccer Stats first appeared on the internet and when it started I didn’t think it would last this long. It was just a way to share the tools I was using for my betting with other web users and that is how it has continued. The site has evolved over time and now has a mountain of data.


However, at the moment it is becoming harder and harder to devote the amount of time to Simple Soccer Stats that it needs. Be that writing articles, scraping data, developing new ideas of marketing the site. The income from a site like this is not a lot and that is the crux of the issue. To be able to devote more time it has to make more money and to be able to make more money there needs to be more time devoted.

The possibility of the site having to stop was briefly discussed but this is not something we want to happen. So this first post is just to explore if there is anyone out there who would be interesting in helping with the site. That could be

  • Writing weekly articles for the blog, including access to the data we have.
  • Helping with development of new ideas and pages on the website
  • Coming up with ideas on how to market the website and increase profits

In fact we are open to any possibilities. The email address is and please get in contact.