Simple Weekender (Draw No Bet, Asian Handicap or DIY)

Draw no bet often has a lot of appeal in a match as it gives you that extra safety net. After a chat today we thought Stoke looked a decent price at home to Bournemouth and although we did fancy the win the draw no bet just gave us the extra security we like. When placing that sort of bet it pays to look around at the various options to get the best price.

For example take the Tottenham v Man Utd game tomorrow.  If we wanted to back Tottenham then we see the following best prices

Draw No Bet = 1.63 (Marathon)

Asian Handicap (0) = 1.64 with Bet Victor

So we can get a better price on the Asian Handicap than draw no bet. There is also the option of putting this together yourself. The final option is to do it yourself and back the home team and then the draw to cover your stake in it. To work this out you can use this draw no bet calculator and the best price for the Spurs win was 2.25 and the draw was 3.75 so if we had £10 we would put £7.33 on Spurs and £2.67 on the draw and doing this would give us odds of 1.649 which beats both of the prices above. It pays to shop around and there are some great resources on the internet to help you.

If we wanted to back Liverpool we would get

Draw No Bet = 2.52 (Marathon again)

Asian Handicap (0) = 2.47 (188 Bet or Bet Victor)

DIY = 2.536 (Liverpool at 3.46 and the draw at 3.75)

Yet again the do it yourself option is the best. There is obviously a time issue doing this as you need to place 2 different bets with 2 different bookmakers but if its a big bet once in a while its worth doing.

Now we just need Stoke to win!

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