Another plug for the SBC Fink Tank system

This is a plug for the simple Fink Tank system that the Secret Betting Club use. It’s free and worth a look. Their promotion is below.

The recent  1-0 win for QPR over Chelsea may have been a shock to some, but for those of you following the Secret Betting Club’s Free Fink Tank Football System, it was the latest in a line of big priced winning bets that its put forward.

Added to other recent winners such as Aston Villa to beat Liverpool and Sunderland to beat Man City, this free system is on course for its 3rd consecutive profitable season in the English Premier League.

Since the start of the 2010/11 season, from 845 bets selected, it has generated a £92.68 profit at £1 level stakes. Increasing stakes to £25 per bet would have taken your profit up to £2,317.00 as the table below indicates:

The great news is that you can now follow the Fink Tank yourself in 2 different ways courtesy of the Secret Betting Club…

1) Read the full version of the Fink Tank Football System rules for free. Available by clicking here

2)Pick up each Fink Tank bet for every round of Premier League fixtures as a Secret Betting Club member. We email this for free each week as an extra bonus for members! Sign-up for instant membership here today.

Taken From Their Secret Betting System Guide

The Fink Tank Football System is just one example taken from the Secret Betting Club’s must-read Secret Betting System Guide, which features a whole range of similar systems and strategies to follow including:

  • The 4 Pronged Attack Racing System: Between May 2010 and November 2011, this has system made a fantastic 352.47 pts profit from just 595 bets (total amount staked of 861 points) and at a Return on Investment of 40.94%!
  • Our winning ‘on course for golf betting profits’ strategy, which at £100 level stakes made over £8,900 to £100 stakes in 2011 during a 6 month period of free testing.
  • The football Ante post Betting Strategy that really works.
  • The easy way to profit from racing via our Horses To Follow system.
  • And much more besides

You can download your own copy of the Secret Betting System Guide immediately with a Secret Betting Club membership.

P.S. All new Secret Betting Club members get our expert Pro Gambler Blueprint as a further bonus gift when joining up. It’s a comprehensive 7-part guide to making your betting pay as written by seasoned professional gamblers.

SBC promotion about Fink Tank ratings

I actually just wrote an interesting article for Betting School about ratings that will be published in their next magazine. This is something similar to the theme by SBC

If you are looking for a free, easy-to-follow football system that makes a consistent profit betting, then today I have some great news to share with you.

The guys at the Secret Betting Club have been in touch  as they are giving away their fantastic ‘Fink Tank’ Football System, which has made a profit of 73.3 pts in the past 2 seasons in the English Premier League.

At simple £15 bets, you would have made nearly £1100 profit for next to no work!

You can now download a full step-by-step guide on how to follow this easy to use system every week for free, courtesy of my friends at the Secret Betting Club.

Download Your Free Fink Tank System Here (Change to your affiliate link)

Results Over The Past 2 Seasons

The Secret Betting Club have followed the Fink Tank system on every Premier League game for the past 2 seasons. They tracked the fairest odds on offer (not taking any wildly stand-out prices or with obscure bookies) and over the past 2 seasons, it has made a £73.30 profit using £1 level stakes with a 10.86% Return on Investment.

At £10 stakes, this becomes a £730.30 profit and at £25 stakes a profit of £1,832.50. Not bad for a free system.


Download Your Free Fink Tank System Here (Change to your affiliate link)

Taken From Their Secret Betting System Guide

The ‘Fink Tank’ is just one example taken from their massive Secret Betting System Guide, which features a whole range of similar systems and strategies to follow including:

  • Their winning ‘on course for golf betting profits’ strategy
  • The football Ante post Betting Strategy that really works.
  • The easy way to profit from racing via their Horses To Follow system.
  • And much more besides


Download your own copy of the Secret Betting System Guide the instant you join the Secret Betting Club

Secret Betting Club Christmas Promotion

This is what the SBC are offering as a Christmas Special. They are an excellent resource for anyone interested in betting and it is worth checking out their site.

The BIG SBC Christmas Giveaway & Prize Draw

My friends at the Secret Betting Club are really entering into the festive spirit this Christmas and giving away a whole host of freebies, all designed to help YOU with your betting.

What’s more, to really get you into the festive spirit, you can also enter into their prize draw to win a number of special gifts – including a FREE lifetime membership to the Secret Betting Club!

All you need to do is enter your details at and they will do the rest.


In the run-up to Christmas, they will be sending on a whole host of gifts for you to enjoy including…

A ‘Free Tipster Review’ special, featuring 2 exclusive SBC reviews of free tipsters recently published in their award winning magazines.

An expert gambler special, which contains 4 interviews with expert gamblers and just how they make betting work for them including…

  • Betfair’s top cricket tipster and renowned betting author Ed Hawkins;
  • Betting Zone’s top racing tipster – Ben Linfoot on how he makes it pay;
  • Ex bookmaker turned winning racing expert Stephen Harris;
  • ‘Portfolio Investor’ Rowan on how he makes a profit following tipster.

If you enjoy in-play betting or simply using your phone for betting, you will want to read their exclusive guide on the best options from a gambler’s perspective.

Sign-up For These Gifts Now At


To make their big Christmas Giveaway even more special, all who sign-up will be entered into a free prize draw to win the following:

1st Prize: Free lifetime membership to the Secret Betting Club
2nd Prize: Free years membership to the Secret Betting Club
3rd Prize: A free copy of the ‘Pro Gambler Blueprint‘ – their exclusive guide to how to make money betting
4th Prize: A free copy of the 4 Pronged Attack racing system


You can take advantage of all the above, simply by signing-up for their Big Christmas Giveaway by visiting:

Football Tipsters (advice from the Secret Betting Club)

An international break in the season gives a chance to look through old emails and see stuff I may have missed the first time around. I found an email from the Secret Betting Club from late August with their pre-season package. Some of the stuff may be out of date but their review of football tipsters is not.

I like the guys from SBC and they offer a very good product and it is worth checking out this free offering at the very least. Their text is below

Football promotion:

Dear Betting Enthusiast,

To help showcase the Secret Betting Club’s newly released 2012/13 Football Betting & Tipster Guide , they have put together an extra special sample edition for you to download for free.

Available now via this link, this sample guide gives you an insight into the following…

Their top football tipster tables – see how much you can make by key calculations such as ‘best percentage betting bank growth’,  best on a budget, best for low work & best for high stakes.

  • An interview with top football tipster ‘The Football Analyst’ and his new season expectations, expertise and most over/under rated teams.
  • The football system up £73.30 to £1 level stakes in the Premier League for the last 2 seasons.
  • The SBC ratings that can help you choose the right footy tipster.
  • Their easy guide to understanding Asian Handicap betting.
  • Plus how to claim your £10 Free bet for the new season and much more besides.

You can download this sample edition totally for free by visiting this link.

Its available in PDF format and is just 0.7MB in size.

The Ideal Companion For The New Season

If you like this free sample of their 2012/13 Football Betting & Tipster Guide, then you might like to consider picking up the full version, which is available to anyone with a Secret Betting Club (SBC) membership.

The instant you join SBC, you can download your copy and begin your quest to making more money betting this football season.

Click here to join the Secret Betting Club

Don’t forget either that they offer a full no quibble money-back guarantee if you join them and are not happy in anyway.

That’s right,  no small print and no hidden conditions as they passionately believe in only providing a service that you will find useful.

Secret Betting Club

I have always been impressed with the secret betting club and they have been helpful to me. They have a decent offer on at the moment and worth a look.


As someone with an interest in betting, I’d like to ask you a quick question…

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  • How do I stop being losing with my betting?
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  • How do the pro gamblers do it?

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It comes in three value packed parts as follows:

  • #PART 1# The Secret List of Award Winning Horse Racing, Football & Sport Tipsters for 2012
    Find out who the best racing, football & sports tipsters are and how to best follow them. 
  • #PART 2# The Secret Betting System Guide
    Discover highly profitable FREE strategies and betting systems for you to apply straight away. Includes little known horse racing, football and golf systems for you to follow.
  • #PART 3# The Professional Gambler Blueprint
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Best of all, you can get this highly valuable pack FREE by taking up a subscription to the Secret Betting Club.

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