Heat Map

A new page has been added to the site which is a heatmap. You can use the heatmap to see various stats. The home team is listed down the left hand side with the away team along the bottom. It has uses for stats betting. For example if you are betting on over/under goals or number of corners you can get a view of how a team has done over the season based on the colours. A darker colour means a higher number.

For example in the heatmap below that shows corners for the Premier League if you look at Manchester United at home all the numbers look pretty light indicating they consistently have low corner counts.




Check it out for yourself and give us any feedback.

Corner odds user question and how they are calculated

This question was received this morning


Example Aston Villa vs Swansea for the Line 9,5 corners in Match. Your side says for under 9,5 the odds are 1,33. So when I get on bet365 under 9,5 1,83. there is a big value or is the 1,33 not the odd?

The screenshot of what he could see is below


The reply given was


Yes that is saying there is value. Aston Villa at home have had 14, 9, 9 and 8 corners and Swansea away have had 7,4,7 and 12 so that means 6/8 matches have been below 9.5 corners.


6/8 = 0.75 (75%)
1/0.75 = 1.33


Using the past games the price should be 1.33 but obviously there are lots of other factors to consider and it is not as simple as that. The price is just a guide to convert past results into a decimal price.


XC = Cross Corners

This is a question that gets asked more than any other on the site. Often emails are received asking what this means.


XC is cross corners which is the home corners x away corners. It’s a statistic that is used in spread betting and also some normal bookmakers offer odds.


For example on 13th September Leicester beat Aston Villa 3-2 and in that match Leicester had 4 corners and Aston Villa had 5 so cross corners would have been 4 x 5 = 20.

On the same day Everton beat Chelsea 3-1 and in that match Everton had 7 corners and Chelsea had 14 so cross corners was an enormous 98! (7 x 14)

The day before on 12th September Arsenal beat Stoke 2-0 and had 13 corners to Stoke’s 1 so in that cam cross corners was 13 x 1 = 13.

Allsvenskan added as a league and league tables tab

The Swedish Allsvenskan has been added today. Corner stats and normal stats as well. The season runs until late October so plenty of time to get up to speed.


Also have added a new feature so you can see the current league table for a league when you are viewing the console. In the image below you can see the tab pinned to the right hand side of the screen.

league table tab



Click on the tab and the league table will appear as below. Click again and it will go back to the starting position.

2league table tab

Are match stats any use?

Today some alerts were set up for twitter to send some tweets when certain stats are good. The reason why this has started is because on Monday night the Napoli v Genoa match has a strong BTTS (both teams to score) and home win stat. The is what was tweeted.

btts tweet



Late in the game Napoli bagged a late goal and won 2-1 landing this bet and the odds were 3.3 and no the 2.25 in the previous post. This particular stat was way higher than what you normally expect. Two teams who both had BBTS in plenty of matches but also Napoli winning those matches at home and Genoa losing them away.


Seemed like a good idea to add some checks in the database to look for other games like this. Did so and this one popped up today as well as an arse wipe reply.

arse wipe


None of these stats are recommendations to bet. There is no profit and loss on them but rather they are a way for people to see some strong stats they may or may not want to look into. If people don’t like it they really don’t have to look at them.