Simply Time to Stop

30th July 2007 was when I registered the domain for simple soccer stats and it’s been a long and interesting road since then. Unfortunately the end of that road has now been reached.

So much has changed in those years but right now I don’t have the time or dedication to continue with the site. I was a keen bettor with plenty of time on my hands staying up late and studying everything. I’m now 10 years older with a family and no spare time on my hands. I also don’t even bet on matches anymore so I am keeping the site going more out of a duty to the people who use it.

At times I loved it and I built the site for myself to use and then shared it with everyone else.

A big thank you to anyone who has used the site over the years, especially to anyone who emailed me and said how great the site was. That was all that kept me going for a number of years. Some people on Twitter have also been very helpful letting me know when there were issues so thanks to them as well.

Apologies that this is so sudden and good luck to everyone.


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