The Simple Weekend (Lge 1 & 2 and Conference Home Wins)

It’s the international break this weekend, which is always odd coming so quickly in the season. Some decent friendlies, such as Belgium v Spain and Italy v France yesterday.

Today there are plenty of matches being played even if the top tiers aren’t in action. The main console page has full stats for League One and League Two, who both have full programs, as well as the Conference. Some cracking goals get scored in those leagues such as this one last weekend by Jay Emmanuel-Thomas

Time to take a look at a few stats for those leagues and see if the number of home wins has changed over time and that’s shown in the table below

  Home Wins  Draws  Away Wins 

Table showing % of home and away wins for League 1, League 2 and the Conference for the seasons 08/09 to 15/16

Looking at home wins these are pretty random with a range of 40.2% to 47.3% for League 1, 37.5% to 44.6% for League 2 and 41.5% to 48.4% for the conference. Home Advantage clearly still exists as has been proved by numerous studies over time. The draws seem to have a similar pattern as well.

The away wins is the one that looks like it could have a pattern with there being more away wins. If you look at the average value then in League One, League Two and the Conference 3 of the last 4 seasons have seen a bigger than average number of away wins.

Good luck for the weekend.

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