Corner Bets 08.03.2014

Mainz v Hertha Berlin
Race to 5 corners – Hertha @ 2.87 (1pt)
Neither team is that strong in this field as both have only reached the milestone of 5 corners in 4/11 matches this season. That’s odds of around 2.75 and it just seems odd that Manz are a clear favourite as 8/11 of their opponents got to 5 corners but just 4/11 Hertha opponents did.

Espanyol v Elche
Race to 7 – Elche @ 6.5 (0.5pt)
The price is too big and this is worth a chance even though it is likely not to win. Enough of these types of bet though and it will turn a profit. Elche have won this in 3/12 away and Espanyol have lost it in 4/13 at home. The two combined is 7/25 (28%) and should be a price of 3.57. Looking at all the stats I can’t really see why Elche are over 4.0 in this and so a speculative bet on 6.5 is worth doing.

Race to 7 Corners – Neither (Double 1.53 + 1.72 = 2.63) 1pt
Catanoa v Cagliari and Sampdoria v Livorno
None of these teams or their opponents get passed the 7 corner mark in matches at all often and this makes the double look a good option.

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Corner Bets 01.03.2014 RESULTS

Late with this summary

Elche v Celta Vigo: Most corners in 1st half – Elche @ 1.75 (2pts) Lost -2

Fiorentina v Lazio: First Corner – Lazio @ 2.1 (1pt) Won +1.1

Roma v Inter: First Corner – Inter @ 2.25 (1pt) Won +1.25

Gutted about Elche. I had to go to bed when I saw the result last Saturday and it sunk a load of my bets.

Still a profit on the weekend but still losing. Bad staking with both 2pt bets losing.

13 bets – 7 winners -1.37