Match Fixing, but not for money

As we come to the end of the season many people get suspicious of results and we had the curious incident of Levante and the quote from Barkero just a few weeks back. I was dubious if this ever existed and thought it would never happen in the top leagues until a few years ago.

On May 15th 2011 I was in El Molinon to watch Sporting Gijon play Racing Santander in a game that Sporting had to win to stay up. I remember when the team was announced that it was odd that Sastre was playing instead of Lora. Sastre’s contract was up and he was to leave the club and had not been playing much as Lora was first choice right back.

It didn’t really matter when the game started as Sporting were on fire. Wave after wave they attacked coming closest when Castro hit the post in the 22nd minute. In the 32nd minute Racing scored out of the blue to make it 1-0. I started to think it might not be Sporting’s day but De Las Cuevas equalised just before half time and then in the 51st minute Novo scored to make it 2-1 to Sporting.

Sporting were in the box seat and looking likely to stay up and that was when I started to think something was wrong. There was a lack of atmosphere in the stadium and a lack of action on the pitch. Sporting and Racing are rivals and when there was an anti-Santander chant  from the stands other clusters of Sporting fans would shout them back down and tell them not chant this. It started to make sense why they were saying this as it became clear Racing were doing them a favour. The ball never went into the Sporting box in the second half and I remember one particular piece of action where Ariel Nahuelpán was running for a ball and just slowed down so Botía could come across and take the ball from him. The main chorus ringing out from the stands was the catchy “Rafel Sastre es nuestro capitan” and it dawned on me that Preciado was able to play him as he knew the game was in the bag.

The game finished 2-1 and I went home feeling odd. I don’t want to over dramatise it but I never before realised this could happen in such a major league and I felt football had lost something. I felt sorry for Deportivo, who were relegated that day, as there was nothing they could have done. That one result made a mockery of the whole season as it didn’t really matter how you played in the season as long as you had your mates to play on the last day.

I spoke to my wife about it and the next day when she came home from work she told me she had brought it up and people had told her of course it was fixed. We all knew, they said, and the only surprise was that Santander scored. I chatted to another season ticket holder in the park whilst the kids were playing and was told the same. Everyone was in on it and it was just me who had to work it out.

This game was not fixed for money. There were no dodgy envelopes, well I don’t think so, but nothing in Spain would surprise me. Rather it was fixed by connections between the two clubs. Racing Santander were managed by Marcelino who played for both Sporting and Racing and had managed Sporting prior to managing Racing. Sporting were managed by Manuel Preciado who played and managed Racing before managing Sporting. There was also the mention of a match the year before in which Sporting had done Racing a favour and this was the favour in return. If there is suspicious betting activity on a lower league game in Eastern Europe then the wheels are in motion and everyone is trying to stamp it out but this kind of thing is allowed to continue.

In researching this article I was able to look up these old matches and dig out some articles about this. The previous year there was indeed a 2-0 win for Racing in May and the report is here showing domination by Racing.


I also had a chance to dig out the game I was at and you can view it here. Have a look and tell me that does not look odd. 34 shots to 5, 16 corners to 1 but the shots map shows it better than any of that. Click on the second half shots and look at that. Considering the possession is even at 50-50 and Racing went 2-1 down after 51 minutes it must seem a bit odd that they didn’t record a single shot.

I have no doubt this was fixed. Not one single doubt and whereas two years ago when I heard about match fixing I would think it never occurs now I am always suspicious. They took away my naivety that day and the best thing of all would be if this was exposed and out in the open. If not everyone is cheated.

William Hill Bono – Apuestas ganadoras sin pagar / William Hill Bonus – Winning bets not paid

This is also written in English further down the page.

Quiero saber porque William Hill España no pagará mi apuesta ganadora puesta en Juventus.

Al principio de temporada abrí una cuenta con William Hill España. Deposité 50€ y aproveché su oferta de 50€ gratis. Aposté los 50€ depositados en Juventus para ganar la serie “A” (25€ ganador o colocado (each way) @ 2.25) y luego los 50€ del bono de oferta también. Quería también apostar en otros mercados pero William Hill tenía menos mercados que yo había esperado.

Al final de la temporada, una vez que Juve se había confirmado como Campeones, comprobé mi cuenta y me alegré de ver 41.67€ en cada apuesta, con un total de 83.34€ ganados. Como yo ya había cambiado la cuenta, escribí a William Hill para retirar mis ganancias. Su respuesta fue que no habría problema en retirar mi dinero pero que solo recibiría los 50€ inicialmente depositados.

Cuando hice una reclamación, me dijeron que al no haber respetado los términos de la oferta del bono, solo me correspondía los 50€ del depósito inicial. Yo estoy de acuerdo que no respeté los términos y por lo tanto es justo que no me paguen ni los 50€ del bono ni los 41.67€ que gané con ese bono. Sin embargo, con los 50€ del depósito aposté y gané. Ahora no entiendo porque no me pagan nada más que lo depositado y se quedan con mis ganancias.

William HillTodo esto se ve claramente arriba. Empezando abajo, mi depósito, el bono, las dos apuestas, las dos ganancias y finalmente William Hill quitando todo lo Ganado dejándome con un balance de solo los 50€ depositados

¿Esto quiere decir que si Juventus no hubiera Ganado la sería “A” me hubieran devuelto los 50€ depositados por no haber respetado los términos? Hay muchas palabras para describir su comportamiento pero me quedo con dos; robo y engaño.

Agradecería cualquier “re-tweet”, “compartir” o “me gusta” para que todos se den cuenta del tipo de compañía que es William Hill España.

I want to know why William Hill Spain won’t pay up for my winning bet on Juventus.

At the start of the season I opened an account with William Hill Spain. I deposited 50€ and took their sign up offer giving me a free 50€. I place a bet on Juventus to win Serie A (25€ each way @ 2.25) and then also place the bonus on it as well.  I had wanted to bet on other markets but Spanish William Hill has less markets than I hoped.

At the end of the season I checked back in, once Juve were confirmed as Champions, to see what I had won and was pleased to see 41.67€ on each bet so 83.34€ in total. I had changed my account so wrote to them to ask about a withdrawal. They told me that is fine but all I would get back is my initial 50€ deposit.

I queried this and was told that I had not fulfilled the bonus terms. I agree I did not fulfil the bonus terms and so they are quite right to take back the 50€ bonus and also the 41.67€ winnings. However, I don’t understand how on earth they think I am not entitled to the winnings from my initial 50€ deposit. I deposited this money, placed a bet and won. They have taken my winnings back and refuse to give me anything but my initial 50€.

You can see this all above. Starting at the bottom my deposit, then bonus, the placing of the two bets, the two winners and then finally William Hill taking back all my winnings leaving me with a balance of just 50€.

Would this have meant that if Juventus had not won Serie A I would have had my initial 50€ deposit back for not fulfilling the regulations. There are a lot of words that can describe their behaviour here but I think stealing and dishonest are as good as any.

Any retweets, shares or likes will be appreciated to let everyone know the kind of company you are dealing with.

Cup Run Inspiring Bradford City

Conventional wisdom may suggest that Bradford City’s miraculous run to the Capital One Cup final, and their 5-0 hammering at Wembley by Swansea City, would have seen their league season peter out, but the Bantams have gone from strength to strength in the football betting markets since their defeat to the Swans.

In their fifteen league games since the Capital One Cup final Bradford have lost only twice, including a defeat to promoted Rotherham, a run which has seen them sneak into the playoffs after finishing seventh in the league. Having qualified narrowly for the playoffs the Bantams have now secured a return trip to Wembley where they will face Northampton Town on 18th May and, given their form since missing out on a historic victory against Swansea, they will have every confidence of a return to League One next season.

In the last ten games of the season Bradford City sat in third place in the League Two form table, having taken 18 points from a possible 30. During this time Northampton Town sat in 11th place, despite losing just one more game than Phil Parkinson’s men.  The key difference between the two sides seems to be their ability in front of goal and this is where Bradford could have the edge on Saturday. During their last ten league games Bradford City scored an average of 1.5 goals per game, not to mention the five goals that they bagged over two legs in the play-off semi final against Burton Albion. Over this period Northampton averaged just 0.9 goals per game compared with their overall season average of 1.4 and they netted just twice over the two legs of their play-off victory over Cheltenham.

It is unclear whether Northampton’s lack of potency in front of goal towards the back end of the season came as a result of fatigue, or if they let their standards slip having ensured qualification for the playoffs, but Bradford City will certainly be confident of outscoring them on Saturday. If the Bantams’ form since the Cup Final defeat is anything to go by, then the game against Northampton should provide them with a great opportunity to banish the memories of their last Wembley trip.

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Update of corner bets tweeted (08/05/2013)

I think that is probably it for the season after a -3.63 point loss at the weekend. A shame as a couple of games were very close. Swansea and Man City tied on 4 so if Swansea had managed one corner it would have been just a one point loss. More of a punch in the stomach was Napoli v Inter Milan where Inter edged the corners 6-5 but were stuck on 6 from the 58th minute. If we had just one more corner in that match then a massive 3 point profit would have been taken.

A few of the short priced selections I looked at lost as well which makes me think the unpredictability is much bigger now.

Profit +16.19 – Bets 42 (15 wins)

Date TweetedTweetLeagueResultP/L
03/05/2013Serie A: 1st corner –Napoli lost in 9/17 (h) and Inter won 10/17 (a). Inter should be fav so 2.37 decent.Serie AWon+1.37
03/05/2013Serie A: 1st corner – Torino best in league away winning 1st corner In 11/17 matches. Worth a punt at 3.0 v AC.Serie ALost-1
03/05/2013Serie A: Race to 7 – Inter (a) won 5/17 and Napoli (h) lost 5/17 so 3.4 sounds right. Longshot but 7.0 good value on Inter.Serie ALost-1
03/05/2013Prem: Race to 5 – Swans as good as anyone at race to 5 winning 14/17 (h). City good but lost 6/17 and 2.62 looks fair price.PremierLost-1
03/05/2013La Primera: Race to 5 – Malaga again at a big price. Mal (a) won 6/16 and Granada (h) lost 5/16. Over 3.2 is value so 5.5 appeals.La PrimeraLost-1
03/05/2013Bund: 1st corner – Hannover (h) lost 10/15 and Mainz (a) won 1st corner in 9/15. Mainz should be fav so 2.1 is good.BundesligaLost-1
26/04/2013Serie A: Chievo won first corner in 10/16 (h) and Genoa lost in 12/16 (a) so 1.72 looks big based on those percentages.Serie ALost-1
26/04/2013Serie A: Samp value in every corner market v Fiorentina. Race to 5 best as won 12/16 (h) and Viola lost in 7/16 (a). 2.5 very generous.Serie ALost-1
26/04/2013Serie A: Race to 3 on Pescara. Won 8/16 (h) and Napoli lost 8/16 (a) so evens fair and 3.0 attractive.Serie ALost-1
26/04/2013Prem: Arsenal (h) lost first corner in 9/17 (h) and Man Utd 2nd best in league winning 12/17 (a) so 2.2 on United good value.PremierLost-1
26/04/2013Prem: Worth chancing Newc on RaceTo7. W9 D8 (h) & =6 in Prem. Liverp L 5/17 so 3.4 is right 4 them but Newc record swings it in their favourPremierLost-1
26/04/2013Spain: Sociedad (h) lost first corner market in 10/16 and Val (a) won 9/15. Based on that 1.67 would be fair so 2.0 Val 1st worth taking.La PrimeraWon+1
26/04/2013Spain: Crazy Bilbao have won Race to 7 in 14/16 (h). That’s mental and 4.0 has to be taken even if they are playing Barca.La PrimeraLost-1
26/04/2013Germany: Same game the first corner market. Leverkusen lost 8/15 (h) and Bremen won 10/15 (a). 2.37 looks big for Bremen.BundesligaWon+1.37
26/04/2013Germany: RaceTo3. Leverkusen (h) & Bremen (a) have = records of W11 L4 so 1.36 for Lever & 3.0 for Bremen looks wrong. Evens would be rightBundesligaWon+2
22/04/2013Spain Race to 5: Celta Vigo have lost this in 7/15 (h) + Zaragoza have won in 6/16 (a). 6/16 is equivalent to odds of 2.67 so 3 looks value.La PrimeraWon+2
19/04/2013Italy first corner: Inter did this in 11/16 (h) and Parma conceded in 12/16 (a). 1.72 looks very big. 1.45 would be about right.Serie AWon+0.72
19/04/2013Prem Race to 5: Swans on Rto7 value also. 5 is lower price but landed in 13/16 (h) and Southampton lost in 10/16 (a). Edge for sure at 1.66PremierWon0.66+
19/04/2013Spain Race to 7: Big + speculative but Malaga won Rto to 7 in 4/15 (a) + Val lost in 5/16 (h). 3.75 about right so 6.5 is very generous.La PrimeraWon+5.5
19/04/2013Germany 1st corner: Dortmund surprisingly conceded 1st in 9/14 matches + Mainz had 1st in 9/14 away. 2.62 very big on Mainz 1st corner.BundesligaLost-1
19/04/2013Germany Race to 5: Stuttgart lost 6/14 (h) and Freiburg won 8/14 (a). Evens would look right on Freiburg and 2.5 well worth taking.BundesligaWon+1.5
19/04/2013Germany Race to 3: Leverkusen won 10/14 Rto3 (h) but Hoffenheim are decent away winning 8/14. Likely Lever will win but 3.5 too big for HoffBundesligaLost+1
15/04/2013Another corner tweet. Lazio 1st corner in 13/16 (h), only Roma better. Juventus 1st corner 8/15 (a). Juve as favs is wrong. Take Lazio 2.0Serie AWon+1
12/04/2013Spain: Race to 7. Amazingly Bilbao have won this in 13/15 home matches. Next best is 10/16. RM lost this in 5/15 away so 3.5 is too big.La PrimeraWon+2.5
12/04/2013Spain: Race to 5. Atl Mad have lost this in 5/15 home games. Odds should be 3.0 without Granada who are decent + won 7/15. 4.5 much too bigLa PrimeraLost-1
12/04/2013Bund: Stuttgart had had 1st corner in 11/13 home games. Bor Monch conceeded 1st corner in 9/14 away matches. 1.61 looks decent on this.BundesligaWon+.61
12/04/2013Prem: Reading won race to 5 in 10/16 at home and Liverpool lost it in 6/16 away. 4.33 looks way too big.PremierLost-1
05/04/2013It's a bit of a random market but Roma have had the first corner in 12/14 home matches. I'll have a small nibble on that at 1.72 (monday)Serie AWon+0.72
05/04/2013Short priced corner accu. Bund: Bayern Rto3 @ 1.4, Prem: Stoke Rto3 @ 1.53, Spain: Osasuna Rto5 @ 1.36 pays 2.92.VariousLost-1
05/04/2013Spain: Race to 7. Celta Vigo lost this in 5/14 (h). Rayo are kings of race to 7 in Spain. 7/14 wins (a) & 3.5 is massive.La PrimeraLost-1
05/04/2013Spain: Race to 5. Deportivo lost this in 7/14 at home and Zaragoza won in 6/15 away. Worst way price should be 2.5 and not the 3.1 on offerLa PrimeraLost-1
05/04/2013Prem: Race to 5 corners. Everton like a corner. Won Rto5 in 8/14 (a). Spurs lost in 4/15 (h). That + No Lennon/Bale makes 3.4 a big price.PremierWon+2.4
04/04/2013Bundesliga race to 5. Hamburg lost this in 6/14 homes. Freiburg won in 8/13 aways. Price should be 1.9 and not the 2.5 on offer for FreiburgBundesligaLost-1
29/03/2013 In Serie A Inter are kings of race to 7 (Samp =) winning 8/14. Yes they host Juve who are tight on corners but 4.33? Big.Serie AWon+3.33
29/03/2013Race to 3. Villa won this in 8/15 at home. Liverpool won in 7/8 away. Why then are Liv priced 1.36? AV at 3.0 looks very big.PremierLost-1
29/03/2013At Mad won race to 5 in 10/14 at home so 1.4 spot on. However, Val 1 of 6 teams who won over 50% race to 5 away. 3.4 a bit of valueLa PrimeraWon+2.4
29/03/2013Race to 3 corners in Spain. Malaga should not be 3.4 at Rayo. Rayo 7/14 @ home. Malaga won 5/13 when away but that’s a price of 2.6.La PrimeraWon+2.4
15/03/2013Stoke race to 3 corners is 1.72. They won that race 10/14 matches at home and baggies won it just 2/12 away. price should be 1.3ishPremierWon+0.72
15/03/2013Rayon won race to 5 corners at both Madrid clubs. Can they do it at Camp Nou? 6.0 are the odds and looks high.La PrimeraWon+5.0
07/03/2013Spurs have won the race to 7 corners in 9 of their 14 home matches. That equates to odds around 1.56. If they do that tonight 1.8 looks goodEuropa LeagueLost-1
02/03/2013of my hours of corner research Wigan to have the first corner v Liverpool at 2.1 is the best value bet. Should be more like 1.7PremierLost-1
01/03/2013Race to 5. Swansea won in 11/13 homes. Newcastle won in just 1/13 away, drawn (no winner) 5 times. should be 1.44 based on that, not 1.66.PremierWon+0.66
Table listing the bets tweeted
Profit +16.19
Bets 42 (15 wins)