Are match stats any use?

Today some alerts were set up for twitter to send some tweets when certain stats are good. The reason why this has started is because on Monday night the Napoli v Genoa match has a strong BTTS (both teams to score) and home win stat. The is what was tweeted.

btts tweet



Late in the game Napoli bagged a late goal and won 2-1 landing this bet and the odds were 3.3 and no the 2.25 in the previous post. This particular stat was way higher than what you normally expect. Two teams who both had BBTS in plenty of matches but also Napoli winning those matches at home and Genoa losing them away.


Seemed like a good idea to add some checks in the database to look for other games like this. Did so and this one popped up today as well as an arse wipe reply.

arse wipe


None of these stats are recommendations to bet. There is no profit and loss on them but rather they are a way for people to see some strong stats they may or may not want to look into. If people don’t like it they really don’t have to look at them.

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