Tweeted Stats Round Up (Oct – Dec 2015)

An error had been made in the query that displayed the tweeted stats on the site that was crediting the over 2.5 stats too much and taking profit from the under 2.5 stats. It was meant to be excluding matches yet to be played but ended up excluding matches where the home team had 0 goals. A big mistake but that has been rectified now

Overall the tweeted stats are still in profit but that is thanks to the under 2.5 goals stats which have now passed the 100 tweets mark and are in profit. It has to be remembered that all these prices are also to average prices so there is a big difference between them and maximum prices available. Under 2.5 had two profitable months before a bad December. The games over Christmas in the UK were very unpredictable.

The table below shows the stats

MonthBet TypeWonLostSR P/LCum P/L
Oct-15Over 2.51112-2.67%00
Oct-15Under 2.5140.51%00
Oct-15Win HT/FT110%00
Nov-15Over 2.526117.56%00
Nov-15Under 2.52193.27%00
Nov-15Win HT/FT310%00
Nov-15Win to Nil110%00
Dec-15Over 2.52319-3.91%00
Dec-15Under 2.51412-5.43%-1-1
Dec-15Win HT/FT610%0-1
Dec-15Win to Nil130%0-1



Heat Map

A new page has been added to the site which is a heatmap. You can use the heatmap to see various stats. The home team is listed down the left hand side with the away team along the bottom. It has uses for stats betting. For example if you are betting on over/under goals or number of corners you can get a view of how a team has done over the season based on the colours. A darker colour means a higher number.

For example in the heatmap below that shows corners for the Premier League if you look at Manchester United at home all the numbers look pretty light indicating they consistently have low corner counts.




Check it out for yourself and give us any feedback.

Secret Betting Club New Year Resolutions

The Secret Betting Club sent us this email about better betting this new year. We like the Secret Betting Club and they are useful to people wanting to improve their betting habits. They are independent and so can give honest reviews of tipsters and really help weeding out the rubbish. This is what they say for 2016.

Your 5-Point ‘Bet-Fit’ Profitable Plan For 2016

Get your betting in shape for 2016 with the help of our Punting Personal Trainer Plan. Simple, easy to follow advice that can give you the edge over the bookie…

2 days into the New Year and if you are anything like me, chances are you have already taken yourself off to the gym to try and burn off some of those excess mince pies.

January is always a bumper month for gym owners, but the sad reality is that most people signing-up to get fit will never stick it out and give up within the first few weeks, out of pocket and out of breath climbing the stairs!

One of the best ways to stick at a fitness regime is to sign-up with a Personal Trainer, somebody who has the expertise and motivation to get you fit (and who you don’t want to let down).

And this is where the parallel with betting comes in, because if your New Year’s Resolution involves making more money punting, you can really benefit from an expert betting ‘Personal Trainer’….Someone to help get you Bet-Fit!

So whilst I can’t be there to place each bet for you or shout at you to do that difficult 66th sit-up, here is my simple 5-Step Betting Profits ‘Personal Trainer’ Plan for 2016 to get you started…


1) Follow A Good, Genuine, Free Tipster With Achievable Odds

The easiest step to make money betting in 2016 is to hook up with one of the genuine, free tipsters that we track here at SBC.Take for example the profitable record below from 3 different free racing tipsters who each have been operating for several years.

Their results are outstandingly profitable, whichever way you look at it and they offer a great solution to get started in 2016. You can read detailed analysis on all 3 (and several other free tipsters) as a Secret Betting Club member.


2) Follow A Paid-For Tipster With A Long-Term Profitable Record

Whilst there are some good free tipsters out there – there are far more paid-for tipsters, many of whom will return you far more in profits than cost in subscription fees.

Some people dislike the idea of paying for tips, yet if they are going to make you outstanding profits over and above what they cost, why wouldn’t you stump up?

Take for example, one of the most popular racing tipster services in our Hall of Fame and their record below.

Once again, it’s another immensely profitable service, both over the past 12 months and longer-term. Perhaps best of all are the Return on Capital growth figures, which stand at a whopping 267% over the past 12 months and 915% long-term. This guy’s tips are making serious profits.The cost to you for following his advice? As little as £33 per month and just over a £1 a day for his quality tips.

You should never be scared to pay for tips, provided you know the tipster supplying them is genuine and has a proven long-term record of success (as any service in our Hall of Fame naturally is!)


3) Don’t Feel Pressured To Bet At High Stakes

Just as you wouldn’t expect to run a marathon the first time you step on a treadmill, so it’s the same with betting as you can be just as effective by making incremental gains to achieve a big goal.

Forget about placing £200 bets, instead try simple £10 or £20 stakes, which won’t break the bank and will help make you a clear profit.

Just look at what staking both £10 or £20 per point on each bet with the tipster highlighted in point 2 would have made you in the past 12 months: £3337.00 or £6,674.00.

Even when taking into account the monthly cost of following his tips of £33 per month, the £3,337 or £6,674 profit from the past 12 months easily dwarfs this and shows why it’s worth paying for tips from the right sources.


4) Follow SBC’s Free Forum Tipsters

As a Secret Betting Club member, you can also follow a series of free tipsters that post exclusively on our forum. You can simply login to the site and follow their tips every day.

Our most popular free tipster would have to be the racing expert Chris Patti based on his outstanding record of 65.23 pts profit at 27.76% ROI from 235 bets. Best of all, this record is based on Betfair SP, so perfect for those of you limited by bookmakers. As an SBC member, you can follow Chris both via the forum and through a special email sent out every day to SBC members only.

Not too far behind Chris in the popularity stakes would have to be ‘Paceman’ with his ‘Short but Sweet’ racing tips, which also continue to impress.  Focusing in on short priced racing tips, he is sitting on a 23.5% ROI profit with a 49% strike-rate from his long-running forum thread.

Other top tipsters posting on the forum, include the profitable Premier League tipster, Jason Mills & busy racing expert The Form Analyst, alongside all 12 of the contestants in our ongoing Britain’s Got Tipsters Football contest.


5) Recruit A ‘Betting Mate’ To Keep You On The Straight & Narrow

My final tip is more of a practical one but it’s one I personally swear by to help you maximise your betting profits.

Just as a good Personal Trainer will often act as your fitness sounding-board to keep you on track, so I firmly recommend having a ‘betting mate’ to do the same. By this, I mean somebody trusted such as a good friend, relative or even partner who you are accountable to for your betting.

If you know you have to run all your major betting decisions by somebody you trust and who has your best interests at heart, it will stop you making rash (and often incorrect) decisions. Not only this but they can also help keep you motivated in tough times.

I have my own ‘betting mate’ with whom we each honestly discuss our own punting and the key decisions we both make. Just the simple act of having another pair of eyes or somebody outside your betting bubble can at times be invaluable, even for the most experienced gambler!


More Expert Help Winning In 2016

Of course, one of the best ways to make any new year’s resolution a success is in having proven experts to guide you along the way.

Here at the Secret Betting Club, we have over 10 years experience of helping people make money betting and have plenty to help you make 2016 your best punting year yet.

So if looking for a betting ‘Personal Trainer’ why not give us a try as with our risk-free money back guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

After all, we might not be able to make you fitter, but we know a thing or two about making money betting!

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European Teams in the World Club Championship

Barcelona play Guangzhou Evergrande tonight in the Fifa Club World Cup. Their odds to win the match are around with 1.13 and even without Neymar you would expect them to breeze this. They next play in the league on 30th December at home to Real Betis so there is no big games to keep the players fresh for and Messi needs a few more games to improve his fitness so would be expected to play.



The table below shows how the European team has done in the last 5 Club World Cups as well as their performance against the -2 and -2.5 Asian Handicap

DateTeam 11G2GTeam 2-2 AH-2.5AH
20.12.2014Real Madrid20San LorenzoVoidLose
16.12.2014Cruz Azul04Real MadridWinWin
21.12.2013Bayern Munich20Raja CasablancaVoidLose
17.12.2013Guangzhou Evergrande03Bayern MunichWinWin
19.12.2009Estudiantes L.P.11*BarcelonaLoseLose

The European team plays just 2 matches in this tournament and in those 10 matches have conceeded goals in only 2 and none in the last 4 years. It seems clear there is a big gulf in class between the European teams and the others in this and the -2 Asian Handicap looks an interesting bet. The price is 1.72 with Dafabet and although that might not appeal to everyone it has lost just once in the last 10 years. 3 times the handicap was matched and so the stake was returned and a winner on 6 occasions which looks decent value.


The -2.5 handicap does not look as secure and other appealing bets are the win to nil market but the Barcelona -2 Asian Handicap bet looks safest.

Champions League: Matchday 6 Roundup

Wolfsburg – Manchester United – Manchester United@ 3.28 with Pinnacle LOST (3-2) -1

Chelsea v FC Porto – Chelsea @ 2.0 with Dafabet WON (2-0) +1

2 bets, 1 win, 2pts staked, 0pts


Results so far

21 bets, 6 wins, 21pts staked, -5.29pts


Ends with a no loss day and another disappointing night for Man United. Bet on them 4 times this season in this and they lost 3 of those costing -2.2 points. Missed a few draws as well but hard to put any positive spin on such a big loss.

Champions League: Matchday 6

The story so far – 19 bets, 5 wins, 19pts staked, -5.29pts


It’s going to be a losing system this year which is a shame and a couple of bets in the last round both on English teams who have had their fair share of troubles this season.


Wolfsburg – Manchester United – Manchester United@ 3.28 with Pinnacle

Chelsea v FC Porto – Chelsea @ 2.0 with Dafabet

Tweeted Stats Overdue summer roundup

The tweeted stats have been on a good run lately and the results can now be seen here nicely split up, but have not rounded them up since  June. There were 48 bets across the months June to September so they are grouped together by month below.


The majority of these games were in leagues where there is no historical prices for the matches so it is unable to see if they were profitable or not.


MonthBet TypeWonLostSRP/LCum P/L
Jun-15Under 2.52167%00
Jul-15Over 2.54267%00
Jul-15Under 2.53350%00
Jul-15Win HT/FT1325%00
Jul-15Win to Nil1150%00
Aug-15Over 2.54357%00
Aug-15Under 2.53260%00
Aug-15Win HT/FT1150%00
Aug-15Win to Nil010%00
Sep-15Over 2.51233%-1-1
Sep-15Under 2.52340%0-1
Sep-15Win to Nil10100%0-1


Champions League: Matchday 5 Roundup

Always hard to do roundups when things go wrong and feel a bit like Ottamendi looks below. Two losses here as Zenit proved too good for Valencia and Man Utd were very disappointing.



Zenit vs Valencia – Draw @ 3.32 with 5Dimes LOST (2-0) -1

Manchester United vs PSV  – Manchester United -1 @ 1.84 with Dafabet LOST (0-0) -1

2 bets, 0 wins, 2pts staked, -2pts


Results so far

19 bets, 5 wins, 19pts staked, -5.29pts


The strike rate is always pretty low for this and it relies on there being one or two shocks. Decision making might need to be revised as there is now a strict hierachy in the champions league and the real big guns like Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich do not give a fair representation on their countries. Bayern Munich are on a completely different level to the other German clubs now and this idea needs to reflect that.

Champions League: Matchday 5

The story so far – 17 bets, 5 wins, 17pts staked, -3.29pts


Just a couple this week and need both to win to get back nearly into profit.


Zenit vs Valencia – Draw @ 3.32 with 5Dimes

Manchester United vs PSV  – Manchester United -1 @ 1.84 with Dafabet

Champions League: Matchday 4 Roundup

A very delayed roundup.

Real Madrid vs Paris SG – Real Madrid@ 1.8 with Pinnacle WON (1-0) +0.8

PSV vs Wolfsburg  – PSV@ 3.07 with Pinnacle WON(2-0) +2.07

AS Roma vs Bayer Leverkusen  – Draw @ 3.73 with Pinnacle LOST (3-2) -1

Manchester City vs Sevilla – Draw @ 3.58 with Pinnacle LOST (1-3) -1

4 bets, 2 wins, 4pts staked, +0.87pts


Results so far

17 bets, 5 wins, 17pts staked, -3.29pts


Clawed a little back but need a very big last couple of weeks to get this back into profit.