Over 2.5 goals by month chart

My job is working with data and working with charts and I find it slightly frustrating that I can’t use Highcharts easily within wordpress. I had ideas for posts that never got off the ground because I wanted to show them in chart form on the blog and it seemed too much work.

Anyway I realised I can just host the charts on a normal page and then just link the from the blog. Amazing!

So to follow up from my article about months I wanted to show some of the patterns that happen by month by league. The first thing I want to look at is how the number of games that go over 2.5 goals changes throughout the season.  The full chart can be seen here and you can add or remove leagues by clicking on the legend. I started with just 4 leagues as it makes it just about readable, but you can play around with the leagues and add and remove them.

Link to chart

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