Corner Bets 29.03.2014

Fulham v Everton
Race to 3 – Fulham @ 2.5 with Bet365 (1 point)
Going against Everton again here as I did in midweek. Fulham have won this in 10/15 at home and Everton have lost it in 9/15 away so you’d expect Fulham to be the favourites really but they are not. They are out at 2.5 with Everton 1.5 to win it. I can’t see it really.

Stuttgart v Dortmund
Race to 5 – Stuttgart @ 3.5 with Bet365 (1 point)
Exactly the same records for both teams, Stuttgart at home and Dortmund away, for this stat with 6 wins, 2 draws and 5 losses so again how can Stuttgart be 3.5 and Dortmund 1.72. The price seems to be based on the match price rather than the stats.

AC Milan v Cheivo
Race to 7 – Chievo @ 10 with Bet365 (1 point)
AC Milan are really struggling this year and need a win and hopefully get an early goal or two to get Chievo out searching for corners. Chievo have won the race to 7 match in 5/15 away games including at Fioretina and Lazio and Milan have lost it 4/14 home games including against Udinese, Atalanta and Verona. 10.0 makes no sense as a price in this market and is just plain wrong. My big debate is on the staking here and I am going to go 1 point rather than the half, as I normally do on bigger price bets, as the edge is massive.

Sunderland v West Ham
First Corner – West Ham @ 2.1 with PP/Bwin or 2.05 with VC or 2 With Bet365/Sky/WH (1 point)
I’ll settle the price on this at evens and I can’t go into the stats too much as I don’t have them on the site and that is where I need them to break them down. All I have is precentages but on past games West Ham should be around 1.5 on this and Sunderland around 3.25.

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  1. Leo says:

    Thanks for the tips,i appreciate it.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Leo. Appreciate the comment as it helps with the motivation.